It's Official...We Are Now Tarheels!

I wasn't entirely certain that we'd make it to a pleasant end of this moving marathon, were you? Well, as of noon yesterday, we broke through the tape and crossed the finish line! We signed all of the documents and closed on our house in High Point. As Gus would say: "Woo-hoo!"

Mr. T and I are camping out in the house now, awaiting the arrival of the moving van next week. We've got an airbed, camp chairs, and a card table...what more do we need?

Actually, we have much of the stuff that we used to stage the MO house, after our furniture went to storage and while it was for sale. I opened a box that we'd packed after that house sold, and I found candlesticks/holders, baskets, and a silk plant arrangement. Perfect for decorating the mantle in the new house! Plus, I ordered patio furniture to be delivered from Home Depot, and it arrived today. Great! Before we know it, it'll start feeling like home around here.

We've had all manner of folks show up for work: the telephone guy came to install the DSL network (hence, I'm able to post again so quickly) and the phone lines; the locksmith was here to re-key all the locks; the landscaper was here to arrange to mow the knee-high growth in the back yard (result of the almost-daily rains); and the water department guy arrived to switch over the meters. Next up: cable guy...fence guy...and painter-woman (uh...that last one would be me...:).

I want to get a head-start on painting some of the rooms, especially before the furniture arrives. So much easier. And, Mr. T will tackle painting the garage floor. He did that in O'Fallon, and we really liked how it turned out...and held up for such a long time. And, that's definitely one job that MUST be finished before the movers begin to stack boxes in the garage...we may not see the floor again for several months!

We do plan to take a little break from work tomorrow and head to Durham for a stay at the Washington Duke Inn on the campus of Duke University. It will be a special way to celebrate a special day: our 33rd anniversary!


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