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Pause for News from the Homefront

It's time for a little break in the Chronicles of Maui for a post from the Real World.  Since I last reported from HPNC, it has gone from Summer to least on the calendar.  After several weeks of unseasonably hot, dry weather, we got over 3 inches of rain last night...although nothing like they received Down East in Wilmington (nearly 9 inches of rain...and still coming down at last report), and the temps have dropped from the 90's to the 70's.  Gee whiz...feast or famine.

Mr. T and I have been to three football games since my last report...with no joy generated by any of them.   We have season tickets to Duke (a lot easier to obtain than basketball season tix, for sure...:), and so far we've watched the Blue Devils get whomped, first by Alabama and then by Army.  Then, Sunday we headed to Charlotte for our first of two Panthers games this season, with this one against the Bengals. That's a photo of us (right) at the beginning of the game...and yes, we are…

Aloha! Part 3 - The Road to Hana

Oh hello.  Glad to see you've returned for the next chapter in our "How We Spent Our Summer Vacation" chronicle.  Let's see...we're up to Day Five now, aren't we?

The Road to Hana. Or, to put it another way:  "what do you mean it will take us 4 hours to go 52 miles?"

This trip is one of the "must do" things when on Maui.  And it's a trip in so many senses of that word.  You follow State Highway 36 ("The Hana Highway") through Kahului (the town where the main airport is) and Paia (where Mama's Fish House is...and where Willie Nelson is a part-time resident). Somewhere along the way, the highway becomes number 360, just to keep you on your toes.

Your destination?  It isn't really the little village of Hana itself.  It's more like your destination is really the End of the Road to Hana, which literally occurs a few miles beyond Kipahulu when the road dissolves into gravel.  Or, so they say.  We couldn't attest to t…

Aloha! Part 2

nem·e·sis (nm-ss)  [From the online Free Dictionary]
n. pl. nem·e·ses (-sz)1. A source of harm or ruin: Uncritical trust is my nemesis.
2. Retributive justice in its execution or outcome: To follow the proposed course of action is to invite nemesis.

3. An opponent that cannot be beaten or overcome.

4. One that inflicts retribution or vengeance.
5. Nemesis in Greek Mythology The goddess of retributive justice or vengeance.

[Pardon the interruption.  Had to take a longer break from posting than anticipated.  My nemesis caught up with me.  Vertigo...BPPV.  Cannot beat it or overcome it...must just take my medicine and let it run its course. Lost 4 days.  Better now, thank you.]

Now, where on earth was I?  Oh yes...I left you waiting for the rest of the story in Maui, didn't I?  Not a bad place to be!

Let's was sunset on Monday, Labor Day, our third day on Maui.  And the whole world and its favorite aunt had been at the beach or in the pools, it seemed.  Or, they…


Two first class tickets to/from Maui:  225,000 American Airline Advantage miles (points) + $30 in feesAn ocean-front room with lanai at the Grand Wailea Waldorf - Astoria for 8 nights:  280,000 Hilton Honors points (+ $0 in fees...:)A rental car from National Car Rental for a week and a day:  70,000 Hilton Honors points + $100 in fees (more or less)A wonderful vacation in paradise for Mr. T and me:  priceless!
We're back!  At least, we are for the most part.  My body may physically be in HPNC, but my brain must still be on Aloha Time...running slowly and six hours behind.  I don't feel jet-lagged, but I do have my days and nights a bit mixed up.  Staying up til 1:00 a.m. here.  Trying to sleep in until noon-ish, if the dogs would just let me.  Maybe I'm trying to stay on vacation. 

Mr. T seems to have made the transition back to the real world OK, as he is off to Raleigh today.  Me?  I'm trying to make a dent in the mountain of dirty clothes, while I tackle the 201 emai…