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It's Official...We Are Now Tarheels!

I wasn't entirely certain that we'd make it to a pleasant end of this moving marathon, were you? Well, as of noon yesterday, we broke through the tape and crossed the finish line! We signed all of the documents and closed on our house in High Point. As Gus would say: "Woo-hoo!"
Mr. T and I are camping out in the house now, awaiting the arrival of the moving van next week. We've got an airbed, camp chairs, and a card table...what more do we need?
Actually, we have much of the stuff that we used to stage the MO house, after our furniture went to storage and while it was for sale. I opened a box that we'd packed after that house sold, and I found candlesticks/holders, baskets, and a silk plant arrangement. Perfect for decorating the mantle in the new house! Plus, I ordered patio furniture to be delivered from Home Depot, and it arrived today. Great! Before we know it, it'll start feeling like home around here.
We've had all manner of folks show up for …

Memorable Memorial Day

We couldn't have asked for a better holiday weekend. We spent two days working and one day playing...and will enjoy our memories for a long time to come.

Saturday and Sunday were devoted to creating Missy M's garden...or, maybe I should say "embellishing" her garden space. The landscapers she hired actually created the garden by making two raised beds filled with garden soil last Tuesday. But, she wanted a more defined area...and one that was a little more protected from the Drool Gang. So, Mr. T and I helped her paint and build a picket fence and lattice arbor (seen in the photo of her back yard, to the right)...using some ideas we had seen in the gardening magazines. She spent several hours filling the raised beds (left) with plants and mulching with straw. Doesn't it look pretty?

Then, we headed to Churchill Downs Racetrack today to enjoy the hospitality of the Yum!Brands Finish Line party suite. Wow! What a fantastic venue...a comfortable, air-conditioned indoo…

Home Stretch

We are almost home...literally and figuratively. If all goes according to the current plan, we will be pulling into our new driveway in High Point, NC (photo to the left), keys in hand, in just 6 days from today. It'll be ours...finally.

Everyone (outside of our immediate family) has said "wow, that was quick!" I cannot begin to tell you how not-quick it has seemed to us. Soon, I won't have to blog about waiting, waiting, waiting...I can blog about painting, planting, and unpacking. You'll have to remind me that I was wishing for that, won't you?

We got the call yesterday. The loan approval is final...the closing is scheduled...and the papers are all done and UPS'ed. Hooray and halleluiah! It's all over except the signing...and, oh yeah, the exchange of funds. We'll be doing the wire-transferring this time, and thank goodness they've sent us the instructions for that, as it's a first for us. Learn something new every day, as my dear darlin&…

Another Sign of the Times

Now, this is the sign we are concentrating on these days..."Under Contract."

Mr. T took this shot (left) last week when he was in High Point for the home inspection of our next house. The really good news is that the inspection went well, and the sellers had their contractor and his team in the house yesterday to fix all of the issues we had on our list...and, thankfully, there weren't that many, nor were there any that the inspector deemed "major." Biggest problem? The compressor on the upstairs AC system wasn't working properly...and since Mr. T's office will be upstairs, he deemed that one "major" in his book. Fix it! I was more concerned with the kitchen sink's faucet not functioning properly and why that neat double-sided gas fireplace wouldn't light. Fix 'em! [Funny what will one will call "major," eh?]

What remains to be done? Well, it's all about the paperwork at present. I've been able to get all the docu…

Mother's Day Extraordinaire

"Say cheese!" And, we did...over there in that photo to the right. Nana/Momma/Edith got all dressed up in her gorgeous new capelet/shawl that Missy M gave her for Mother's Day; I applied my (much-hinted for) new makeup from her; and then we headed off to enjoy a lovely Brunch and the Annual Gardeners' Fair at Historic Locust Grove. [Read more about the Fair at the Courier-Journal's site.] Just before hopping in his new car, we handed a camera to Mr. T so that he could capture our moment.

It was a fabulous day from start to finish! The brunch was catered by Bristol Catering and featured Fresh Fruit, a Spinach and Sun-dried Tomato Frittata, Kentucky Hot Brown, Three-Cheese Grits, New Parsleyed Potatoes, and Biscuits...followed by quite a tasty dessert selection. [Of course, Missy M had difficulty in finding a favorite in that selection, but she was a trooper nonetheless.]

Then, we strolled off our calories with a walk through the on-site fair. There were vendors of…

How Do You Spell Relief? S-O-L-D!

I have been waiting (and waiting and waiting...:) to post that photo, over there on the left, for what seems like an eternity. There was even a bit of apprehension in our family that I even allowed a SOLD sign to be added...might jinx the deal, don't you know?

Well, I am happy to report that Realtor Sue...a jewel if there ever was one...just called to say that the closing on our house in MO went through without a hitch (and thankfully, without either one of us in attendance) this morning, and that the funds will be wire-transferred to our account by COB today. Hooray! Have I said lately just how much I love technology (when it works, that is...:)?

The process to close in absentia was ripe for mistakes to be made: first, the Title Company emailed me the documents on Monday; then, I printed them out and signed them on Tuesday before a Notary here in KY, where I am; then, I overnighted them to Mr. T, who signed them before a Notary in SC, where he was this week, on Wednesday; then…