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Madness...March and Otherwise

OK. It's late March, right? Even if I had no current calendar, I'd know this because NCAA Basketball March Madness has dominated the airwaves. My Memphis Tigers made the field of 68 but were knocked out in Round 3 by Michigan State. Bummer. And I hadn't even had time to share this great poster pic with you...

With some key upsets, my bracket that was surviving on life-support was almost toast after yesterday's games. Ah well...there's always next year...and with just a passing interest in the rest of the tournament (I still have Louisville winning it all, so there is a faint glimmer if they hold on til The Final Four), I find I'm freed up to attend to other things. Such as:

1. Weeding the Rose Garden path on Saturday, while Mr. T worked at cutting the lumber for the 5 raised beds he's constructing in the redesigned Cool Season Garden. He braved the sleet (!) in the A. M., got all the pieces cut, and even constructed the Center Square (pictured). Abbie help…

Goodbye, Dear Friend

I had a goal for today: finish up a PowerPoint Presentation and get it to my friend JA for editing. It happens to be a beautiful day here, but I was going to ignore the call of the garden in order to meet my goal. Focus...that was all I needed to get the job done. Not that difficult, really, since it's too wet to work the soil anyway. And then...

My BFF from Henning days, ATT, messaged me on Facebook as I was finishing my second cup of coffee and the online USAToday. She'd heard that Miss Caroline Hanson had died and wondered if I knew. Sad news, indeed...but not entirely unexpected.  Miss C and I usually spoke by phone every week or so, but the last time I'd called her (about 3-4 weeks ago), she'd been too ill to talk long.

You may recall that I've posted about Miss C being Momma's contemporary, who had taken on the role of my second Mom over the past 18 months. She and Momma graduated from Ripley High in 1938 and remained friends for the rest of Momma's …

Sunshine, Tan Lines, and Mosquitos

What a bea-U-ti-ful weekend we had! Finally the perfect combination: good weather, no rain...and reasonably warm enough to be able to be outside. Yardening, here we come! Oh, how we've missed this...

While I gathered some essentials (gloves, pruners, etc.) Saturday morning, Mr. T began the day by refilling the bird feeders. Only...on this day, he had a new helper: Abbie! Look closely at the picture (below) to see Abbs with her paws up on the stump that is used as the filling station; you can barely see Mr. T's hand, as he had slipped back in the shed just as I snapped the shot. Oh yes, dear friends, she has taken to both master and routine like she's lived here for a year instead of just a week. She's discovered the doggie doors...and knows how to use them. Surely it won't be too long before she's chasing those d4mn squirrels away from the rich bounty in the Kingdom of our Back Yard.

The To Do List was lengthy and dynamic as we began the day. Mr. T was especial…

Let the Gardening Begin!

March is here...can you believe it? As the weather wonks keep saying "it's the start of meteorological Spring!" Woo hoo!!

Of course, someone forgot to tell Mother Nature. While we are enjoying a multitude of Spring flowers in bloom, it has turned cold again here in the Piedmont, with more clouds than sun...more rain than norm. No snow...yet...but the possibility of white precip popped up on the weather ap we use on our i-devices. Joy.

I'm so over Winter, how about you?

Today, I got up-and-out early, heading to Kathryn Clay Edwards Library for Family Vegetable Day. While several fellow Master Gardener volunteers held classes for kids, two EMGVs and I held a class called Grow Your Best Vegetable Garden for the adults. Well, that was the plan. We had a roomful of folks, including a whole troop of Girl Scouts...and several wee ones who accompanied their parents. It was interesting, to say the least. Hehe.

Truthfully? I enjoyed presenting this wonderful program (althou…