On Borrowed Time

Just a few words tonight...a very brief post indeed.  Meant mainly for those of you who are visiting to get the latest info on Nana/Momma/Edith.

N/M/E's journey is almost complete.  She is sleeping almost all of the time, made as comfortable as possible by the medications and ministrations of the loving, caring Hospice Home of High Point staff.  One of us is with her 'round the clock now, so that she can feel our love and presence...even if she rarely gives an indication of knowing we are there. We are told that the sense of hearing is the last sense to go, so we talk to her...tell her that we love her and will miss her.

The signs are all there, although they come and go.  Her fingernails turn bluish and her skin shows "mottling," a purplish discoloration...both indicative of reduced circulation. Since Wednesday night, she has exhibited apnea, which has increased in duration (by my count) from pauses of 4 seconds to pauses of nearly 18 seconds (this afternoon).

The natural tendency is to ask "how long?"  No one knows, and as Dr. Powell (the medical director...and a wonderful, caring physician) says "each person is different."  He followed that with:  "of course, this is one strong-willed woman."  You have to laugh, don't you?  Even with tears in your eyes, you have to laugh.

I didn't want my next post to come as too great a shock, and I knew that you would want to be kept in the loop...even if the news sounds sad.

Say a little prayer for Nana/Momma/Edith...that her transition from this life to the next is a peaceful one.  Thank you.


Estelle's said…
Dearest Patricia,

I was so saddenned to read your post this morning. Please know we do send our prayers and loving thoughts to you and to Thomas and Maredith. It is evident that this has clearly been a dynamic "mother/daughter duo!" I believe the pictures of your mother reflect the sweet and kind person she has been throughout her life...just her smile seems to light up the room!I hope knowing that friends and family are thinking of you all helps a tiny bit.

Many Blessings...

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