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A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

To the right is a photo of the Japanese Maple Tree that graces our front yard, in front of the dining room windows. The colors are more vivid than in any of the previous five Springs we've enjoyed in this house. I wonder why that is? Could it be the long, cold Winter we had? The wet, wet March, when the leaves were forming? Who knows? Who cares!

And, the glorious red leaves of the maple are accented by the yellows, purples, and pinks of the iris that grow at the base of this tree (photo to the left). Aren't they just lovely? I can see this show from my office window...who could ask for anything more?

Well, how about a robin on a nest? Yep, if you look closely at that photo of the Maple above, you might see our Momma Robin nestled into her new home, keeping (we assume) some eggs warm and toasty. Here (right) is a close-up that shows the scene a little better. If there was ever any doubt about the season, this should put all questions to rest!

The Finches are Here

It's a great day in our neighborhood...the goldfinches have returned in their Summer finery! As I sat on the deck this morning enjoying the glorious weather (no rain), the clear blue sky (did I rain?), and my third (or was it fourth?) cup of coffee, I realized that those little birds darting about were goldfinches. They're ba-a-ack!

I got my camera ready and got as close as they (and my zoom lens) would allow...and here is a shot (right) of Mama and Papa Finch at one of the feeders. Aren't they beautiful?
Mr. T has a feeder just for the thistle seed that the goldfinches love...and it was attracting 4 and 5 at a time. Unfortunately, it hangs on a rather shady limb of the sassafras tree, so I couldn't get a decent shot of the activity. Here's the best one of the 20 or so that I took (!) (left). There are two males on the feeder and one waiting in the limb to the right. That feeder, by the way, was full three days ago (and it's been raining pretty stead…

FO: Purple Pullover

Hooray! My purple pullover (photo, left) is finished!! I used Classic Elite's "Premiere," in color #5295 ("eggplant"), which is 50/50 pima cotton/tencel...the perfect Summer-weight...and I cannot say enough good things about this yarn. It's so soft, a joy to knit with, was so easy on my hands, and has great stitch definition. I love, love, love it!!!

I used an Oat Couture pattern called Metro Pullover, but I guess I'll have to call mine "Mostly Metro Pullover," as I made a few changes. No, really. First of all, I used a DK-weight yarn, which swatched to a gauge of 5.25 stitches per inch (the pattern was for either a worsted or a chunky/aran weight). I tried to increase my needle size, but the swatch looked so much better with the yarn-band-suggested US6. Get out the calculator...looks like I need to do some math. Next, I changed the "false button-band" up the front that the pattern called for to a lovely cable pattern (see photo to ri…

How Does My Garden Grow, Part 1

OK, so it is only 59 degrees today. It's rained for the last 3 days...and is forecast to rain for three more (the whole weekend, mind you). No matter. Spring has arrived in MO! How can I be so sure? Well, the pollen count is over the top...and the iris are starting to bloom all over the yard. This morning, I took pictures of the early bloomers: three colors of purple, a bronzy one (you can see one of these in the background of the pic to the right), two kinds of yellows, and a soft white. The newest variety to grace us with its beauty...this fabulous deep purple one, shown in the photo to the right. As the purple iris is the state flower of Tennessee, we're naturally partial to it. [The state flower of Missouri is apparently the White Hawthorne Blossom...which grows on the Hawthorne Tree...which would mean that, technically, it really isn't a flower, is it?]

And, this afternoon, I snapped this pic (left) of our lilac bush in full bloom in the back yard. I have to say that…

Go Cards!

Tonight will be our first Cardinal game of the 2008 one, that is. We bought a ticket package and are excited to see where our nose-bleed seats are this year. We like what are called Infield Terrace seats, which are high-up over home plate on the third base side. We get a great view of the Arch from there! Tonight's opponents..."arch-rival" (no pun intended...:) Chicago Cubs.
Speaking of the Cubs...that made me remember a chuckle I had while at the Grand Canyon recently. I was sitting on a rock ledge on Mather Point overlook (photo, left), enjoying the wonder of it all and trying to stay warm, when a group of tourists approached me to ask if I'd take their picture. Of course, I'm always eager to help out my fellow travellers and asked if their camera was a simple "point & shoot?" When I raised the viewfinder to my eye, I realized that I was looking at 4 "Chicago Cubs" tee shirts and caps! Hmmm. I said: "I sure hope I don&#…