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Pause Button

If you are a faithful reader, you are probably wondering where the heck I've been. I wanted to post a little note to say "not to worry," because I'm taking a timeout.

A week ago, I took a tumble on the stairs and bruised the most useless bone in the human body (coccyx). Bruised, not broken. But the fall also jarred my already-problematic lower back, so FOR ONE TIME IN MY LIFE, I'm trying to follow doctors orders: "press the 'pause button' now or prolong the pain...your choice."

"Pausing" also involves taking pain meds, along with muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatories...all of which amount to a wicked brew that keeps me in a fog, day and night. Soooo, there will be no new adventures on The Adsit Adventure until I can see and think straight again. Lord knows North Carolina doesn't need another loopy driver on the roads! (As my EMGV friend LB might say: insert the Vonage jingle here...woo hoo, woo hoo hoo!)

While the last few day…

Before We Go Too Far...

Well, 2012 appears to be starting off in hyper-drive already. Before he left on the current week's itinerary (which will have him in 4 states in 4 days...:), Mr. T filled the birdfeeders...again...and he checked to see what the Bird Cam had captured since he changed the batteries and the memory card last week.

Ahem.  As you can see in the photo on the top (above), we have a squirrel eating at will from the SQUIRREL PROOF FEEDER.  Folks, that's a real, unPhotoShopped photo.  The squirrels have figured out how to brace their hind legs against the 4x4, taking their weight off the feeder-bar...which is what is supposed to snap the food tray closed when something heavier than a couple of birds land there.  If you watch one at this task, it appears he is doing his calisthenics. Oh, I know what you are thinking:  why don't you give the squirrels their own feeder so they will leave the others alone.  WE HAVE...we have 2 corn-cob feeders, as well as one ground feeder...and they eat…

Starting 2012 Off Right

Happy New Year!  I'm so glad to advance all the calendars, aren't you?

We stayed up to welcome in the new month with Mimosas (champagne and orange juice, served in our "Cheers to the New Year" glasses - photo, left)...although I will admit to taking a little nap in the early evening.  After a midnight kiss and a toast to a better year ahead, we went out on the deck to check out the beautiful moon on the crisp, clear night.  The neighborhood behind ours seemed to be Fireworks Central, with plenty of noise to frighten away any lingering evil spirits (well, that's the superstition, don't you know?).  Surprisingly enough, Duche$$ didn't go through her usual fear-act about the fireworks; we decided that it was because she's so deaf now that she can't hear them.  And that's OK...

Speaking of superstitions...

Gibbs:  Don't tell me you're superstitious, Leon?
Director Vance:  Well, I'm a little 'stitious.
 --From dialogue on NCIS