Before We Go Too Far...

Well, 2012 appears to be starting off in hyper-drive already. Before he left on the current week's itinerary (which will have him in 4 states in 4 days...:), Mr. T filled the birdfeeders...again...and he checked to see what the Bird Cam had captured since he changed the batteries and the memory card last week.

Ahem.  As you can see in the photo on the top (above), we have a squirrel eating at will from the SQUIRREL PROOF FEEDER.  Folks, that's a real, unPhotoShopped photo.  The squirrels have figured out how to brace their hind legs against the 4x4, taking their weight off the feeder-bar...which is what is supposed to snap the food tray closed when something heavier than a couple of birds land there.  If you watch one at this task, it appears he is doing his calisthenics. Oh, I know what you are thinking:  why don't you give the squirrels their own feeder so they will leave the others alone.  WE HAVE...we have 2 corn-cob feeders, as well as one ground feeder...and they eat from them, too.  I guess they just love a challenge.  Fortunately, Mr. Squirrel left enough food for Mrs. Cardinal (photo, bottom/above) to have a taste.

Ah well...moving on...

I've been trying to get my calendars marked (special dates, scheduled meetings, etc.) and coordinated...and I'm apparently behind already. I had planned to get the house de-Christmased by Epiphany (last Friday, January 6th), but an unexpected visit from one of my nemeses (BPPV...benign paroxysmal positional vertigo...what a mouthful; now you understand why it's almost always abbreviated...:) knocked me off my feet and off my game plan this past weekend.

Fortunately, it was a mild episode as these things go, so I only lost 3 days...and that was probably a good thing: enforced voice rest ("no talking, please") is exactly what the Dr.'s ordered for this persistent sore throat I've had. "If it ain't one thing, it's 10 others," to quote Nana/Momma/Edith.

An aside...

N/M/E always wondered if we would quote her sayings after she was we still do Big Daddy/Sidney's...who has been gone for nearly 22 years now. I assured her there was no doubt in my mind that we would. She smiled then...and she's smiling now...:)


Before we get too far into January, I wanted to post some photos from our Christmas trip to Louisville as I promised in a December post. We had such a good time with Missy M, and with the Bros. & SILs for our family Christmas.

Lunn Family Christmas
in Louisville

The first few pix are from the Lunn Family Christmas. I didn't do a great job of getting photos of everyone, as you can tell: the one on the left is of the back of Bro J's head (he's wearing a Santa stocking cap...we're all actually wearing Santa caps at that point, since he had just handed out caps and Christmas socks in memory of Momma...:); you can barely see Mr. T in the chair under the big clock...but it's a bit clearer of Bro T (in front of the window) and SIL LaD.

The next two are clear as day of Bro J...but you might question the content.  Remember?  Missy M once brought her Uncle J a silly hat from Manchester, England...a wild & woolly knitted cap for the Arsenal soccer team.  And, every year since, we have tried to find an even sillier version of the Silly Hat.  This year's version is an Elmer-Fudd affair, but with reindeer antlers that move and Christmas lights that really light up when this little hidden button is pressed.  The battery also supports the playing of "Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer."  I took a video of it with my iPad (a first!...and you'll recognize that by all the background noise that probably shouldn't have been there...:) before I wrapped it up for him, and if all went well, it loaded (below) and you can hear it play (if you click the play button...and turn your sound up...:).  I also found reindeer antler headbands for the rest of us to wear as he opened his gift; you can see one of those on SIL J's head in the pic on the left.  Too funny for words.

And, last but not least are the photos we took on Thursday, December 22, when we went to the Performing Arts Center in Louisville to enjoy The Nutcracker ballet.  I have described it as "a magical evening," and I meant every word of it.  Missy M treated us to a private box, which had three...and only three...very comfortable chairs.  It was like our own private performance of our favorite Holiday event!  Obviously, Missy M took the first photo, then she and Mr. T switched places...and told me to "hold that smile!"  Since the box was a cozy affair, we got "close-ups!"

OK, back to business.  I have gotten most of the Christmas stuff (and remember, I didn't really decorate very much this past year...:) corralled into the dining room.  The tree is still decorated, but I did unplug it, along with the window candles.  I'm not chancing a trip to the attic to bring the storage totes down (what I do NOT need is a visit from my other nemesis, Bad Back); that can wait until the weekend when the cavalry arrives home from...where will he be on Friday?  Maryland?  Virginia??

Tomorrow is dedicated to Master Gardening activities, which move into high gear with the Mentor Intern Breakfast...followed by two (or is it three?) committee meetings...followed by a Board meeting.  And, I'm supposed to refrain from talking?  You must be kidding!

And, I still have one more calendar to sync...and then I'll be ready to start the New Year. Or, catch up with it...:)


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