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One More Time

This has been an extra-special week here at Casa 3917. Monday was Elmo's 11th birthday, and we celebrated by taking the plunge...and adopting an adorable little puppy named Abbie from the Forsyth County Animal Control Shelter in Winston-Salem. All of her paperwork says she's 2 months old and an Australian Shepherd mix...but I'm thinking she may be a wee bit younger, and that she takes after her Daddy, who quite possibly was a traveling Terrier. We shall see...meanwhile, you can see what her official portrait on their website looked like.

You got a baby puppy...are you nuts?! Ah yes...but there is method to the madness. It's been almost 8 months since we said goodbye to Gus, and we have progressed through the grief stages to reach "good memories and great stories." We knew we were ready to open our hearts to another pet. While a two-Basset household is a daily challenge, we are anticipating a coming change that will bring a new set of challenges. You see, Duch…

What To Do When It the Beach

My impeccable sense of timing is still intact, you will be happy to hear. But, before I get to that, a little background information.

You may recall my observation (OK, some might call it more of a rant) about "the same thing happens every year" in November. About Mr. T and his use (or lack thereof) of his 5 weeks of vacation time...whereby he arrives at the final month in the Fuso vacation calendar with nearly as many vacation days to "use or lose," as there are working days left in the month? Well, it seems he isn't the only one in his company doing this...and, at their annual meeting in January, they were all "encouraged" to spread those days off more evenly throughout the year. Brilliant idea! Now, why didn't I think of that?


Anyway. In an effort to comply, we mapped out a more "consistent," shall we say, vacation plan for 2013...with our first days-off being a long weekend over the Presidents' Day Holiday. In mid-February…