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Lost and Found

Hello again! Bet you thought I'd dropped off the edge of the earth, right? No, I've just been lost in the "It's suddenly Spring!" area of my life...with too many projects and not enough time. Stop me if you've heard this before...heck, stop me if you've SAID this before! I'm currently at the car dealership while Lillie Pearl PT Cruiser is being treated for an "idling problem." Yeah, she's having trouble idling, too.

When last I posted, we were saddened by our loss of Duchess. Still are in some ways. But I found a rose called Duchesse de Brabant which we have planted in a container in the Way Back in memory of our beautiful Basset girl, and we have begun the "remember when..." portion of the grieving process. While Duchess was not an enthusiastic fan of the Way Back...probably because she was challenged by all that walking...she did seem to enjoy coming into the Rose Garden when we took our coffee to the patio, which provided a p…