Lost and Found

Hello again! Bet you thought I'd dropped off the edge of the earth, right? No, I've just been lost in the "It's suddenly Spring!" area of my life...with too many projects and not enough time. Stop me if you've heard this before...heck, stop me if you've SAID this before! I'm currently at the car dealership while Lillie Pearl PT Cruiser is being treated for an "idling problem." Yeah, she's having trouble idling, too.

When last I posted, we were saddened by our loss of Duchess. Still are in some ways. But I found a rose called Duchesse de Brabant which we have planted in a container in the Way Back in memory of our beautiful Basset girl, and we have begun the "remember when..." portion of the grieving process. While Duchess was not an enthusiastic fan of the Way Back...probably because she was challenged by all that walking...she did seem to enjoy coming into the Rose Garden when we took our coffee to the patio, which provided a perfect nap spot before returning to the house.
Duchess in the Way Back Rose Garden

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter (links over there in the right column), you probably have figured out that I've been chasing my "lost youth" by attending my 40th college reunion at Mississippi University for Women's Homecoming in Columbus..."The Long Blue Line Comes Home."

Callaway Hall, my Frosh Dorm
Mississippi University for Women
Columbus, MS

While I actually celebrated my own graduation year last year (from the University of Southern Mississippi), I started college at the W (it was known as Mississippi State College for Women then) with this group of girls (well, my 60+-year old self has license to refer to my 18-year old self as a "girl," right?), most of whom graduated 40 years ago this May. Since there is no football team at the W (!), we celebrate Homecoming in the Spring...one of the most beautiful, albeit unpredictable, times of the year.

Registration in Welty Hall
It's snowing cherry blossoms!

Rosette Girls Are Back for their 40th!
Margaret Stevens, Patricia Lunn, Debra Simpkins,
Karen Daley, and Donna Luke

Lost youth, did I say? Found it! We had a ball! An absolutely fabulous time together. We laughed, reminisced (remember when...? what was that girl's name...? who was it that climbed out the 4th floor window...?), laughed, took part in lots of planned activities including a double-decker bus tour of Columbus (pictured below...did I mention it was in the mid-40's?!?), laughed, took thousands of pictures, laughed, sang Rosette Social Club songs, laughed, ate at some of our old haunts, and laughed some more.

When we lined up by class years to march into the auditorium for Convocation, we were thrilled to see the Classes of '45 and '55 at the head of the line. And after everyone else had filed into the Magnolia Chain song, we all gave a standing ovation as the Golden Girls (Class of '65, there to celebrate their 50th!) took their places. Even more impressive (for me at least) was the presentation of the Distinguished Medal of Honor to my former Sociology department head, who is still active at age 99. I think Dr. Robert may have found the Fountain of Youth!

Convocation Selfie
Looking back...
Looking forward...Class of 1975
Marching into Auditorium for

One of the highlights of the weekend had to be our Rosette Social Club's reunion on Saturday. We poured over the pictures, lined up the pledge books and the paddles, sang the songs, and shared the memories. And...we succeeded in making yet another shared memory.

Check out the photo roundup of The Long Blue Line Homecoming in the April 8, 2015, edition of the Columbus Dispatch paper
. You may have to copy and paste the address:

I snapped a screen capture of the page...which isn't the best quality admittedly:

After you have been euphoric for several days, it's difficult to find your way back to the land of even keel...without a loss kin to a letdown, that is. But I didn't really experience too much of a drop, since we got such great news in a few days after I returned home. Mr. T had his 8-week checkup with the Electrophysiologist who performed his recent cardiac ablation, who made us want to dance a jig when he read the latest ECG and said: "now, this is what a normal ECG looks like." I found I had been holding my breath all this time, and truly appreciated feeling free enough to take a deep, cleansing one after that. Ahhhhhhhhh.

We celebrated Volunteer Week at the Guilford County Extension with a gathering of Master Gardeners for the 27th annual Awards Breakfast. Such a great group of folks! Since I seem to have mysteriously found a few extra pounds while I was holed up in the house this past winter, nursing that splinted left wrist, I'm opting to limit my intake of tasty treats...and thus missed a few calories in those lovely sweet rolls. But I didn't want to miss this event just because I'm being carb-conscious! And we were proud to remind the County Commissioner (left, below) of how much all the work we do as volunteers would translate into dollars when our Horticulture Agent made the presentation of the Big Check in the amount of $450,136.52. Woo hoo! That same day, I got to volunteer at a Speakers Bureau presentation on Culinary Herbs at the High Point Library...and then come home to polish off an article for the next State newsletter.

And, somewhere in the past month we seem to have lost Winter and found Spring. No arguments from me! Of course, this means more time in the gardens but that's what makes life here at Casa 3917 so wonderful. Exhausting...but wonderful. I got a new post up on our garden blog, Gardening with the Giants; click here to go there and read about all the goings-on out in the Way Back.

We know our time at this address is growing shorter with each passing month, and that this is probably the next-to-the-last time we'll plant tomatoes and other warm-season crops here, so this will be an extra-special year. We will also be focused on dividing day lilies and irises to have plenty to take with us when we do move, and I'm encouraged by my propagation efforts so far with forsythia and some of the roses. Hey, maybe I will be able to "take it with me!"

All in all, we hope these preparations ensure that this won't be a chapter of Paradise Lost...but instead a scene from Paradise Found!


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