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The Garden Begins to Give

We've had a couple of days of rain this week...and, that's a good thing, since we've been hot 'n dry for the week or so before that. For a while there, every day, we would hear about bad thunderstorms in the area...the weather radio would sound the alarm...and then, nothing. But, two nights ago, we had a big, booming storm...the kind that kept Duchess roaming around all night, looking for the basement (where she used to go hide from the lightning and thunder in MO). And, now we've had measurable rainfall in our new rain gauge on the deck. And we all know that rain-showers will bring more than just summer flowers!
Between raindrops today, I dashed out to check on our veggie garden in the 'way-backyard,' and look what I gathered (photo to right): some banana peppers, some cayenne peppers, a green pepper, and our FIRST THREE TOMATOES (one of each variety: plum, Celebrity, and German Johnson). We were so late in getting things planted because of our move that …

Just a Trifle

I cannot believe that I missed such a perfect opportunity. Last Thursday, N/M/E had 3 of her bestest NC friends over for their first bridge day since she's been back "home." And, all I got a picture of was the dessert! Yep, I snapped some shots of the Berry Trifle that I'd made for their special dessert (left)...and then I headed out the door without taking any photos of the ladies. Drat. I don't know where my head was, but it certainly wasn't on the business at hand.

Anyway, the Berry Trifle was really easy to make...actually, a better word would be to "assemble." I bought an Angel Food Cake Loaf at Harris Teeter's and sliced it into thirds lengthwise, then sixths widthwise...making nice, even-sized cubes of cake. I capped most of the strawberries in the quart container, leaving four of the prettiest with their caps on. These I dipped into sugar to "frost" and saved for later; the rest I sliced into bite-size chunks into a mixing bowl.…

Year 57, Day 1

The question of the day: do I feel any older today? Nah. Not really. As my body and being recover from our long, drawn-out move to NC, I am actually feeling better than I have in months.

I do feel truly blessed with good fortune, though. Not the kind that you can take to the grocery...not monetary fortune. The good fortune to have such loving, kind, and considerate friends and family...wonderful folks who call you on your birthday and send cards (through the mail, no less!) and well-wishes. Makes life ever-so-much sweeter, wouldn't you agree? And, the beauty of being 56...or, 39 Again, as my cake proclaimed (right) that you know what gifts count for something, really count: the love, and the caring, and the well-wishes.

Today, I plan to spend some quality time by myself. Just me and my journal (the pen-and-paper one, not this blog). It's time for me to revisit the past year and plan for the coming one. You see, I have long advised my coaching clients to table their New Year…

HB 2 Me!

Today is my 56th birthday...woo-hoo! I'm loving it! Hopefully, you will hear the Birthday Song, if you click that link. [Be sure to click the back-arrow to return.]

Oh look, check out that shot of me on my third birthday (left). We were living in Memphis on Lynbar Avenue, on 7/16/1956 BJ (before Brother J arrived). I can count on my fingers (even if I do have to hold that little finger down), I have a cowgirl cake and at least two front teeth. What more could a girl want?

As my family will attest, I am big on playing both "Where were we when..." and "Wonder what we'll be doing this time next year?" (I can hear their eyes rolling right now...:)

Anyway, let's see...on this day 40 years ago, I was getting my first driver's license (wrote about that in my last post). But, what I didn't mention was that same day (7/16/1969) was the day the USA launched the Apollo XI mission to the moon...when the Eagle landed on my cousin's 16th birthday, 7/20/69. …

A Red Letter Day

It's the last day of my 56th year...what's a girl to do?

1. First things first. I got my North Carolina driver's license and got registered to vote in the process. Woo-hoo! Although NC gives new residents 60 days to do this, my Missouri driver's license was expiring tomorrow (yikes!), so I had to tackle this sooner rather than later. After a few days of studying the online information, I drove to Kernersville, as their DMV office seems to be easier to access than the one here in High Point, taking with me a stack of identifying documents: passport (to prove my middle name is Lunn; NC no longer accepts just the initial); my social security card (to prove that I have a valid Social Security number...although I still remember being told that the SSN would NEVER be used as identification...unh-hunh); my MO driver's license (to prove I had a valid picture ID and current license); and my electric utility bill (to prove my NC address is valid). Gee-whiz. Then, I passed the…

And Now, For the Rest of the Story...

I couldn't write this in my last post, 'cause I was still a bit teary-eyed about it. I know, I know it's the best for all concerned, but that doesn't mean that my heart didn't crumble when we made the decision. Elmo (in the photo, left), our sweet, shy "puppy" member of the Drool Gang, has moved back to KY...this time, permanently, so that he and Ella Rae can play, play, play to their hearts' content.

Ella is a lovable, active, cutie-pie, who needs a constant playmate to keep her from becoming Wild Woman Evil Ella and destroying the whole house. Elmo, who had a rough life before he was rescued by the Guardian Angel Basset Rescue organization (GABR) and adopted by Missy M in 2005, needs to live in a household with another "active" roomy, and he has bonded with Ella over the past 8 months that they've been together...and so, a plan was hatched. The Two E's would live with Missy M, while Gus and Duchess (the Senior Citizens of the group)…

Fun, Fab Fourth!

Really, I don't know where to begin. Maybe I should take this post, one paragraph at a time.

1.Who Let The Dogs Out? Woof, woof, woof, woof-woof!

Yes, the Drool Gang Plus One arrived, safe and sound last Wednesday. There were so many places to many new many squirrels. Gus immediately attached himself to Mr. T...where Daddy goes, Gus the photo to the right shows. This included the Man Walk that the two of them take in the morning to get the paper. Of course, it's awfully hard to sneak out the back door and fool the others, especially Ella Rae. She was everywhere, all over the place (see her with Duchess on the rug in Nana's room), but loved being the only one to be able to jump up on Nana's bed (until Elmo finally figured out the trick for himself). And, she almost made it under the fence at the gate. Hmmm. Too close of a call.

Duchess, ever the reigning monarch, planted herself on our bed and claimed it as her throne...when she wasn'…