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Cutting the Cord, Part 1: Background

Well, we did it! After several months of discussion, research, angst, more discussion, phone calls, more discussion, more research, and finally a few necessary purchases, I am thrilled to report that we have become official cord-cutters. Or maybe you prefer the term "cable-disablers." Either way, we did it!  We called our (wonderful) telephone, Internet, and cable service provider (North State Communications... which began life years ago as North State Telephone Company) to let them know that it was time to say goodbye (well, not entirely...more on that later). And I thought it was time to blog about it.

Some background is needed. A long time ago (1975), in a galaxy far, far away (Jackson, Mississippi), I was intrigued by this new-fangled offer called "cable TV" when it became available to the apartment complex where I lived. I remember two distinctive things about those early days: the promise of commercial-free programming (doesn't that sound quaint?) and the …