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To Every Game There Is a Season

Hard to believe...Summer is coming to an end tonight, and Fall starts on Saturday. No...not on the calendar. I'm speaking of the wonderful World of Sports.
We just got home from our final Greensboro Grasshoppers (Single A-minor league team in the Florida Marlins system) game of the 2013 season. It's the last home stand against the Hickory Crawdads (gotta love minor league baseball teams' names...:-), Thirsty Thursday with $1 beverages, and fireworks! A triple play!! Since the Hoppers are 10.5 games back, any hopes for the Playoffs this year are just a field of so many dreams. Ah ball!

Funny aside from the Hoppers game tonight: while Mr. T was foraging for food and beverages, I'm clapping, hollering, cheering...and generally having the usual good time. A Crawdad hits a pitch down the first base line, and the man sitting next to me turns to his wife, claps and says "it's a foul ball." About that same moment, I see the first/second base ump (it'…

Doctor Day

Whew! I'm back my feet up in my lounge-luge, with the replay of last night's Braves-Cards game on TV. Shhh...don't tell me who won...I didn't have time to read the paper this morning to see the score. It'll be like it's happening for the first time. Heck, as tired as I am, I'll probably fall asleep somewhere in the middle anyway...wake up during tonight's "live" game and still won't know the score of this replay. Sigh.
Ah well...I'm just having a late-day energy slump...nothing really wrong. With me, that is...more on that in a minute.
Busy couple of weeks here at Casa 3917. Some of the happenings are garden-related, since it's the time of the year when the summer harvest is coming in fast and furious. This week has been the peak harvest week for the Roma and the Juliet tomatoes, both of which are Determinate varieties...meaning their fruit ripens "all at once" (actually over several days to a couple weeks) and t…

Weaving In

I guess I could have titled this post "Tying Up Loose Ends," but I'm a knitter...and we don't tie them up, we weave them in.
Thread No. 1:
I was showing off my beautiful lap quilt that Missy M made me for my birthday when I realized I'd never shared a picture of it with you. Shame on me! Let me correct that oversight posthaste:
The front...

...and the reverse...

Beautiful! Missy M has such an amazing eye for color, although the pictures (taken with my iPad, using just the light from the ceiling fixture) don't do justice to the richness of the fabrics. Or the piecing. Or the stitching, for that matter. You'll have to trust me on how gorgeous this priceless gift is. Notice that she has finally started signing her works of art by placing a label on the reverse (upper left of the second picture). A teeny, tiny, itsy, bitsy label...but a label nonetheless. Thank you, my dear!
And although I get into trouble about it, I have chosen to display my quilt(s) she has made…

First You Make a Roux...Redux

The okra is coming in, fast and furious from the Kitchen are the Juliet and Roma tomatoes, green peppers, and onions. Check out the recent harvest! [You can read more about okra over on our Gardening With the Giants here to go there.]

Let's see...okra, tomatoes, green peppers, onions...that must mean it is Gumbo Time!

If this subject is sounding a bit déjà vu, you are right. I wrote about making gumbo last year in First You Make a Roux. You can read that one again, if you'd here to go there.
Only, today, I simply don't have the time to stand over and stir a Dutch oven full of simmering okra stew ('cause that's what gumbo is...:-). Mainly because I'm standing over a kettle of boiling water, blanching more okra, more tomatoes, plus a peck of green beans...getting everything packed for the freezer. So the gumbo will have to develop all those lovely favors over on the other counter in the slow cooker.
Still, there's one step I…