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Status: Pending

From the Houghton Mifflin online dictionary:


Not yet decided or settled; awaiting conclusion or confirmation.

Impending; imminent.

And, there we are. We got an offer on our MO house on Saturday; countered on Sunday; and ironed out the (very few) issues on Monday. The reason that it took so long was that we weren't in MO, and the buyer's real estate agent was apparently on the road as well...and everything had to be done by email and fax with cellphone follow-ups. Thank heaven for technology, right?

That means that instead of being in an ACTIVE status on MLS, our house is now in a PENDING (closing) status. I happen to prefer either the definition of "awaiting conclusion" or the one of "imminent," don't you? Sounds like it's really going to happen.

The closing date is set for May 7th...good Lord willin' and the inspectors don't find much of anything wrong when they come next week. Then, we can turn our eyes toward the…


So, now you know. Last Tuesday, I vacuumed the house (yet again), put fresh flowers in the vases (yet again), and refreshed the cookies in the cookie canister (yet again). Yes, everything looked spic and span...all ready for that potential buyer to walk in the door and fall madly in love with the place. My work here was done.

After letting our Realtor know I'd be MIA for about a week, I packed my bag, locked all the doors, and headed off to Orlando to join Missy M for a week in the sun. It was time for our annual Mother-Daughter Bonding Trip (MDBT)!

She was attending an e-Learning conference held in Lake Buena Vista Tuesday-Friday, so I just lounged around the pool (where, even with SPF #30, my blindingly white skin turned bright pink), worked the crosswords and the sudokus, and read my latest book (a bio of Andrew Jackson by Jon Meacham called American Lion). You know, acted like I was on vacation.

Remarkably, I didn't knit a stitch (except in the airport and on the plane)…

Socks, Showers, and Spring Flowers

OK...I'm definitely ready for it...Spring has arrived in MO! I got home last night, and before I even unpacked the car, I checked the front to see if any of the daffodils had opened up in the last 4 days while I was in Louisville. Hooray! As you can see from the picture (right), a few had...with more to come (see? there in the background?).

Actually...with LOTS more to come, as Mr. T and I planted 100more daffodil bulbs late last Fall, when we divided (and expanded) all of the daylily and iris beds. Should be quite a show...for someone. I honestly hope that I am not still in MO to take photos of all the beautiful blooms in 2009. Honestly.

Oh yes, Spring is here for sure. The weather forecast is for thunderstorms, high winds, and lots of rain for this afternoon and evening. Joy. Can the sound of the tornado sirens be far behind? Oh well, hopefully the rain will bring more flowers...

On a calmer note, I wanted to post photos of my latest Finished Objects. I polished off that scarf (r…

There're No Friends Like _ _ _, Enduring Friends

I count myself as one of the most fortunate people in the world because I have friendships that have endured the test of time...a long time...more time than I care to admit to, actually. More than fifty years, in one case. Yowza! Isn't that just amazing?

Anne and I have known each other since my first days in Henning, where we moved to/from Memphis when I was three years old. We were in Sunday School together as tots...we attended 8 years at Henning Grammar School together...and we graduated from Ripley High School together. We went to the beach together...we were in each other's weddings...and we both have "only" daughters, born just 6 months apart. We used to talk to each other almost nightly on the phone (at least until 9:00, when it was "lights out" at her house), especially when we needed to check our Algebra homework (Mrs. Cloyes!) or our Latin homework (Mrs. Thomas!)...even though we had just spent a whole day together in classes. Of course, we've…