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Going...Going...Almost Gone

Hard as it is to imagine, 2011 is almost over. Anyone blame me for saying "thank Heaven for small mercies"? I will be happy to see this year in the rear view mirror of my life, for certain.

The 24/7 Time Warner Cable news channel is telling that today (December 28) is No Regrets Day, with suggestions to write what you want to forget about this past year ("troubling souvenirs of 2011") on a piece of paper...and SHREAD IT! There's even a giant shredder set up in Times Square. Well, I've got a good-size shredder right here, folks. Wonder if there is some limit to how many pieces of paper I'm allowed to use?

OK, moving on...

Speaking of moving on...NO, we are NOT moving...sorry to even put that idea in your head! I was referring to our grand "move" on Monday, from KY back to NC. We reversed the process of ten days ago, loading up two cars with all of our stuff...and the three dogs, and driving back through four states in ten hours. Somewhere betwe…

A Change of Scene

"You have arrived!" That's what the Magellan voice we call Maggie says when we reach our destination. And our destination for the Holidays is Missy M's house in Louisville.

We got here on Friday night. We were in two cars...with three dogs...driving through four states, which meant the eight-hour drive lasted 10 hours. New math. Anyway, we were exhausted and headed to bed without much hesitation.

Saturday was a busy day, starting early to get ready for The Lunn Family Annual Christmas Party. By 3:00, the two pots of chili (one hot, one wimpy, as Missy M says...:) were bubbling away on the stove, and the Brothers and SILs were arriving.

We made some ornaments (swirling acrylic paints inside of clear globes), ate our fill of chili and fixin's, played reindeer games (guessing what was in Rodney's stocking, etc.), and exchanged gifts. Much love was shared, and a great time was had by all. We placed the Memory Disc we'd received at the Service of Memories o…

It's Working...It's Really Working!

I am here to tell you:  following the grief counselor's advice is actually working.  Imagine that. Will wonders never cease?

To review, I have been doing what I was told to do (a miracle, in and of itself...) in handling the Holidays during this first year without Momma.   Here are a few of the bullet points:

 * Make or bake all of your holiday gifts. (Check back after the Holidays for photos on those...:)
* Shop by catalog or online in order to avoid the extra stress of the rush and crush of the crowds.
* Try to attend at least one special holiday event; fellowship with others is sometimes the best medicine for a grieving heart.
* Keep as many of the family traditions alive as you can manage.
* Start a new tradition in memory of your loved one. (More on this one in the next post.)
* Take time to be in touch with your may find you are actually enjoying the holidays rather than just coping with them.
* Put a smile on your face...and you'll find one in you…

You Can't Believe A Word I Say

For as long as I can remember, if I would answer one of Missy M's questions...or respond to a request for information...and she would look doubtfully at me because of my answer or response, I would say "of course, you can't believe a word I say, 'cause I lie all of the time."  Say it with the proper amount of sarcasm dripping from each word, and you get the point across:  BELIEVE ME WHEN I TELL YOU...


I have said for weeks now (especially since I discovered at Thanksgiving just how painful memories can be during the Holidays after the loss of a loved one), I'm not putting up a Christmas tree this year. I just didn't think it was a good idea, for a number of reasons, not the least of which I couldn't imagine feeling any joy or happiness about the prospect.  Momma loved the Holidays, loved the shopping, loved the songs, loved the traditions, loved the lights and the ornaments.  Why put us through that pain?

First came the bereavement counselin…