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Moving Through a New Month

Good Saturday morning...and good grief! Can that truly be November on the calendars? That month there that's almost 3/4 over?! Why, yes...yes it can.
It has been a bit of a difficult month here at Casa 3917. Highs and lows, don't you know? Where do I begin to catch up?
Before we go too far, let me post a couple of pics of the pups. Abbie and Winston are in the first, followed by Duche$$. After all, it is all about the dogs around here, right? on to business. It was a fairly miserable Hallowe'en, even for my least favorite holiday.  I somehow managed to get an early season cold and a bad cough, all in the same week. And I haven't been able to shake either off completely. Can you say b-r-o-n-c-h-i-t-i-s? Truly, I have been "under the weather," as they say. And just when the weather started to turn!
For sure, we have been in full Fall mode here in NC. The leaves were absolutely fabulous this year! I have heard it said it was because we had a rather mild sum…