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FO Report

It's time for a Finished Object Report, as I've not had one in a little while.

I finished this sweater for Mom's 88th birthday this month, and she says she loves it. The yarn is Rowan's Summer Tweed "Rush," an oatmeal-colored Aran-weight mixture of 70% silk and 30% cotton. I used a pattern from Rowan's pattern book, which I purchased at the same time I got the 2000, on a trip to Scotland with Missy M. The yarn is a lovely color, but it's rough on the fingers...had to keep the hand cream handy on this one! I actually completed the knitting in early 2004 (as my "recovery project" following surgery), but I had put the pieces aside until I got around to blocking and sewing. Well, I finally got in the mood (!) to f-i-n-i-s-h it earlier this year [after my New Year's inventory of unfinished objects (UFO's)]...and following a great Finishing Techniques class I took late last year at Knit and Caboodle. When she saw the finished swe…

A Tribute to Charley

He was found wandering in Cordova, TN, by the (then) West Tennessee Basset Rescue group...about the same time that Missy M (who lived in an apartment in Cordova then) was hoping to find just the right dog to come live with her. It had to be a special that could be happy being quiet while M studied, or who could be relaxed enough to stay alone while she was at work (sometimes late). She had already tried an adoption with Elmo...who turned out to have many issues, including severe separation anxiety, and who needed to be in a multi-dog household...and naturally, she was a bit leery of going that route again. Still, the Basset Rescue lady was persuasive: "just take him on a two week trial period." And, so...a fantastic relationship was born. Charley was everything that Missy M had hoped for...and then some...and they were a perfect pair.

Charley loved rawhide chew-bones...almost too much at times...and he knew exactly where his treats were kept. He was an "inside …

Where in the World is...?

Did you ever play that game, Where in the World is Waldo? He's my hero!!
So, here I am, in a most unlikely spot, at the Grand Canyon! I went to AZ last weekend for the wedding of my first-cousin-once-removed...and since I was in the same state with one of the "wonders of the world"...and since I had my camera with me...well, it was only natural to change my plans a wee bit and GO!

I was inspired by a friend, who was visiting with us recently as she and her husband were making a move across the country from one coast to the other. She was driving their car and left our house, intent upon driving to the Canyon. I thought..."how exciting!" Then I thought..."you nut, you're going to AZ later on this too could see the Canyon, with just a couple of changes in your plans." And, that's exactly what happened.
I got there the afternoon before (Sunday) and scoped out Mather Point (not too far from the South Rim entrance, where the above pic was…

The Wettest March in Over 6 Decades

"It's raining, it's pouring..." Yep, that's what we've been singing around here lately. Yesterday, I had my doubts about whether we'd ever get a break in the weather: rain, thunderstorms, more rain, wind, more rain, hail, more rain, lightening, more rain, tornado warnings, and still more rain. It spoiled opening day for the Cardinals...postponed until today. The fountain on the deck is at the tippy-top, ready to overflow if another drop falls. The pond is so full, that I can look out of the kitchen door and see the fish swimming about (!)...but, unfortunately, the level will drop back down due to some itty, bitty hole in the liner that we need to repair. Fortunately, we seem to have graduated to partly cloudy today...only a slight chance of precip today and tomorrow. Fingers crossed...toes, too!
All of this rain reminds me of our recent trip to Ireland. I thought I'd post a couple of collages that I created from the mountain of photos we took. The one …