FO Report

It's time for a Finished Object Report, as I've not had one in a little while.

I finished this sweater for Mom's 88th birthday this month, and she says she loves it. The yarn is Rowan's Summer Tweed "Rush," an oatmeal-colored Aran-weight mixture of 70% silk and 30% cotton. I used a pattern from Rowan's pattern book, which I purchased at the same time I got the 2000, on a trip to Scotland with Missy M. The yarn is a lovely color, but it's rough on the fingers...had to keep the hand cream handy on this one! I actually completed the knitting in early 2004 (as my "recovery project" following surgery), but I had put the pieces aside until I got around to blocking and sewing. Well, I finally got in the mood (!) to f-i-n-i-s-h it earlier this year [after my New Year's inventory of unfinished objects (UFO's)]...and following a great Finishing Techniques class I took late last year at Knit and Caboodle. When she saw the finished sweater, Mom said she really, really wanted this one. As it didn't have any wool (she's allergic), the match was made in knitter's heaven, don't you think? I got a pretty button at Knitch on a recent trip to Atlanta for the single buttonhole (I added that, as the pattern didn't call for one). Mom wore it with a lovely ice-blue mock turtleneck tee, and she and the sweater looked beautiful. Take the picture!

Another FO for the books is this afghan (left) that I made for my cousin's recent wedding in AZ. Like they'll need an afghan in Phoenix! Oh's the thought that counts, right? I had checked out their selections online to get an idea of their colors, and red and beige seemed to be a theme. So, I used three colors of Red Heart worsted weight yarn: aran (an off-white), linen, and burgundy. As I've said before, this pattern is one of my all-time favorites, as the afghan is knit on size US10.5's in strips which are easy to travel with. So, some of these strips were knit on trips to ATL...some on trips to doctors' offices, etc...and a couple on our trip to Ireland. A well-traveled project, wouldn't you agree?

And, last but certainly not least, meet Miss Candice Bunny. I adapted a Berroco pattern and made her for Missy M's Easter Basket, using some Linen worsted weight yarn for the main color, and adding some Moda Dea's Dream (soft and fuzzy) yarn in pink (for the ears) and white (for the paw-pads and tail). I used some Fun Fur yarn in "Cotton Candy" which became her scarf. Black buttons for eyes and some pink DMC thread for her nose...and voila! One of a kind, for sure!! Missy M makes the cute, cute, cutest knitted bears for others, so I wanted to knit something for her.

Oh, and I almost forgot this little project I completed (left). I took a class last year on a trip to ATL at my favorite out-of-town "local" yarn shop, The Yarn Garden in Lawrenceville, GA. We got Tube Crochet Learning kits from Beads East and learned how to crochet a beaded bracelet. I had just attended an excellent STL Guild meeting on knitting with beads, so the timing was perfect. Although I am a self-taught crocheter (sp?), with a little guidance and the right crochet hook (#10 steel - a teeny-tiny little thing), my bracelet turned out pretty well for a first effort...I like it. The beauty of this is that I can make bracelets to fit my pudgy wrists...yee-haw! I bought a couple more kits which I look forward to working on for summer projects...beads are cool, in more ways than one!

Also finished on my recent trip to Louisville...a pair of Powder Blue socks in Panda Cotton for Mom for Mother's Day. I got some pretty buttons while I was in AZ that I'm using as soon as I get those sewn on, I'll snap a photo.

So, what's on the needles right now? I'm working on another afghan...for another cousin's upcoming wedding. The couple is also in AZ, but what the heck? I've got a tradition going here!

I'm also starting another pair of socks with some Maizy yarn (mostly made of corn fibers). I bought this yarn last year at The Yarn Garden in Lawrenceville. It's a pretty varigated yarn in browns, teals, and a soft peachy-pink.

And, I'm eager to get started on that shawl-collared cardigan for Mr. T. I take the yarn out and pet it on (nearly) a daily's so soft! But, if the weather ever turns warm...and stays that will likely be too hot to work with. Of course, since we had sleet earlier today...with a frost warning for tonight...I shouldn't be too worried about it being too warm, huh?

Time to get the sticks clicking!


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