A Tribute to Charley

He was found wandering in Cordova, TN, by the (then) West Tennessee Basset Rescue group...about the same time that Missy M (who lived in an apartment in Cordova then) was hoping to find just the right dog to come live with her. It had to be a special dog...one that could be happy being quiet while M studied, or who could be relaxed enough to stay alone while she was at work (sometimes late). She had already tried an adoption with Elmo...who turned out to have many issues, including severe separation anxiety, and who needed to be in a multi-dog household...and naturally, she was a bit leery of going that route again. Still, the Basset Rescue lady was persuasive: "just take him on a two week trial period." And, so...a fantastic relationship was born. Charley was everything that Missy M had hoped for...and then some...and they were a perfect pair.

Charley loved rawhide chew-bones...almost too much at times...and he knew exactly where his treats were kept. He was an "inside dog," and he never wanted to be outside for too long...he did his business and was ready to come inside...now! Still, he was always ready to go get the pizza...or get Chinese...and he understood what those words meant, too. He hated thunderstorms...hated them. He loved his purple blankie...especially if it was in a certain position on M's bed. Other than getting up on the bed at night, he didn't jump on the furniture...never seemed comfortable on a sofa or chair, even if you put him there. He loved his dinner...was usually a member of the clean bowl club...in record time. He was a regular camel about water...lap, lap, lap. He had the longest tongue you could imagine...and he would sometimes let the very tip-end of it peep out of his mouth when he was asleep. He was so cute!

They had about 2 1/2 years together, enjoying each other's company and enriching each other's lives. Then, just as suddenly as he had come into her life, he was taken from it. Charley crossed over the Rainbow Bridge early last Thursday morning, a month or so after he had dislocated his neck and shoulder. The emotions of having to say goodbye are still raw and right on the surface...and the tears are still flowing. This is the most difficult part of opening your heart to a pet...when they are gone, there is such a huge hole that has to heal.

Dear Charley, we are all better off for having known you. You will certainly be missed.


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