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FO and UFO Report for Oct-Nov '08

I thought I'd better get a post together about my current crop of Finished (FO) and Unfinished (UFO) Objects. Probably a good idea since I'll soon be packing up my yarn stash for the upcoming move to NC, right? Missy M reminded me that I would have to CHOOSE which yarn to keep off the moving know, which yarn/projects I would like to work on in the interval between selling our MO house and moving into our NC house. Decisions, decisions...

As I've reported in an earlier post, I finished these Rippling Dunes Socks for N/M/E (photo to the right). They are made from the Maizy Yarn (85% corn fibre, 15% nylon) in colorway "Miami Nice," and they turned out pretty least she seems to enjoy wearing them.

I also finished felting the purse/bag out of the Andes wool for her, too. I got this wool at the Yarn Garden in Lawrenceville, GA, intending to knit a scarf with it. Well, I knitted about 1/3 of the scarf and realized that I didn't really like the ab…

Third Time's The Charm

I want you all to be the first to know...we're moving! Again. Goodbye MO...hello North Carolina...which makes the third time to NC for us. The first time was in 1988...from TN to Kernersville. The second time was from OH to High Point in 1994. And, we are looking at HP again in early 2009. Looks like we'll arrive in time to help celebrate 150 years.
Happy, happy, happy!!! Oh yeah...:)
We have so much to do to get ready for a move, and (again) we'll be doing it in stages. N/M/E and the Drool Gang will probably head to Missy M's for a little bit, where they won't be bothered by all the de-cluttering and painting, etc. (Have you ever tried to keep a house you are showing to prospective buyers CLEAN with 3 dogs in residence? Two words: Night. Mare.) Mr. T will probably have to head East for work (where he's taking over a territory for Fuso with SC, NC, VA, MD, DC, and a portion of PA) before we sell the house here, so I may end up being the family member with the lo…

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

Mr. T. and I had a great time recently in Memphis, where we went to the University of Memphis Homecoming football game. I've loved this school (and football) since I was a little girl and Billy "Spook" Murphy was the coach.

I count myself fortunate that we moved back to Memphis after we were married, and I was able to earn my Master's degree from (as it was known at the time) Memphis State University.

The opponent this year was the University of Southern Mississippi...yup, where I got my Bachelor's degree. I was sure of only one thing as we headed to the Liberty Bowl Stadium, where the Tigers' home games are played: my alma mater was going to win the game! I am happy to report that Memphis pulled it out, 36-30...Go Tigers, Go!! (Truth be told, I don't count Southern as one of my favorite places/things, as I was only there a few months to complete my degree in record time...just a matter of convenience, really. But, I still like their band...:)

Speaking of ba…