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Bell's Palsy: Day 6 - Let's Eat!

Let's talk about of my favorite subjects! Unfortunately, since I have almost constant jaw pain on the paralyzed (left) side of my face and a tongue that refuses to behave as it should, I won't be doing much let me get this down in text, ok?

Here's what I desperately want to eat. It's a picture of the bountiful harvest from our High Point garden that Mr. T brought with him. Beans, potatoes, peppers, onions, carrots, cukes, squash, and the first tomatoes of the season. Isn't it beautiful?

Yes, all those lovely veggies are tempting...and treacherous. For the past two days, I have struggled with eating. Even cutting things into teensy bites hasn't helped. I almost choked on a piece of a chicken nugget last night. Not the whole nugget, mind you...a baby bite of one. And, when we were blanching the green beans, I couldn't swallow the "test" bean that I popped in my mouth without thinking. Wouldn't go down...felt like I was …

Bell's Palsy Update: Day 5

Ever heard the expression blind in one eye, can't see out of the other? One of Big Daddy's favorites...along with if it had been a snake, it'd bit ya. Well folks, I'm living it.

One of the main concerns about Bell's Palsy is dealing with the eye on the paralyzed side of your face, in my case the left. I have no blink response, so the eye doesn't have the benefit of protection from tears or from the eyelid, which normally serves as a protective barrier to wind, dust, and debris. Hence the reason BP patients are warned repeatedly about using artificial tears (eye drops and eye gels) and keeping the eye covered with tape or a patch...or both. The faintest breeze is painful, as is a bright light. And since we are now a 5-dog summertime when the shedding is significant...well, I probably don't have to go into detail about the debris part. As painful as it is, though, it's not really about the immediate pain. No, it's all about the potentia…

Bell's Palsy Update: Day 4

Woke up this morning thinking "what's that on my eye?!" Oh yeah...eyepatch. And that must mean I still have Bell's Palsy. Sigh.

I'll take a short cut on this post and reprint what I sent to a couple of Facebook friends who messaged me this morning, asking how I was doing:

I wish I could say it was getting better, but unfortunately, today seems a little worse. Eye is drooping more, even though I'm now wearing an eyepatch almost constantly. And because i have a cataract developing in my non-droopy eye (right), i have difficulty seeing clearly with the eyepatch on the left. Speech seems a little better (or maybe I'm just getting used to speaking out of one side of my mouth...:), but jaw pain is worse. Sounds...especially the dogs barking...are downright painful, bringing tears to my eye(s). Very, very tired...but having some sleep problems, probably due to the steroid. Eating and drinking are tough...everything through a straw, even hot coffee. Sigh. I could…

Living with Bell's Palsy: What I Have Learned So Far

Day 3 with Bell's Palsy. So how's it going?

(Recap: While visiting my daughter 400 miles from care for her during her recovery from a broken foot...and after a couple of days with deadened taste buds, I awoke on Sunday with a numb sensation on my lip and the top of my tongue. I became paralyzed on the left side of my face rather rapidly, and by late afternoon, I gave all appearances of having suffered a stroke. With fear and trepidation, I went to Immediate Care where I received a diagnosis of Bell's Palsy...and prescriptions for a 15-day supply of a corticosteroid called prednisone and an antiviral called acyclovir. The doctor told me that this could last 15 days...a month...or the rest of my life. With that in mind, I will be posting periodic updates on my latest er, adventure.)

Let me begin with the bright spots...before I forget that there are any. Having the left side of one's face paralyzed may be the pits, but there are worse things that could befall on…

There's Good News and Bad News

Well, I suppose that title sets the tone for this post, doesn't it? Without further ado...let us begin with The Good!

Lookie! Mr. T sent this photo of the first potato harvest from two of the six potato Grow Bags, which we got at Gardener's Supply...and which we are trialing for 2012. We also have a "regular row" of spuds, but he didn't raid it. I had suggested that he see if the potatoes were developing inside those bags..."just poke your hand in there to see if you can find a few 'new potatoes'" to go with the huge mess of beans he harvested. Well, he found more than a few, didn't he? "We're having potato soup," he wrote. I cannot wait to taste them!! And based on how easy these babies were to harvest, I'm already giving the Grow Bags two thumbs-up and 5 stars!

Wait. "I can't wait to taste them"? So that means either I'm going to them or the potatoes are coming to me, right? Right. They are coming to me,…

Welcome to Summer!

Holy mackerel! One Hundred and Five Degrees?! That's what Missy M's car registered when I got in it yesterday at 5:00 p.m. That's the outside temperature, not the inside temp...which was probably approaching "fry an egg." Her car had been sitting in the sunshine on the driveway on the west side of her brick house all afternoon, so I imagine we are talking a true reading here. Of course, the weather wonk said on the 11:00 news that the official high yesterday was 92, but that was at the airport...probably out of direct sunlight. And then you have to factor in the humidity...that's a whole other chapter.

Today...the first full day of predicted to be 96, so we are in for another scorcher. If this be June, what the heck is August going to be like?!

I spend upwards of an hour each afternoon watering the garden and all the containers. Now, I know that it's better to water early in the day, but that isn't usually possible, given our present sche…

Hold That Thought

Have you ever gone through a period of time when you felt like you were standing forward motion? Like the Universe had pressed some mondo HOLD PLEASE button?

Yeah. Me, too.

I'm currently in limbo with my life, so I'm feeling like an expert in this matter. I will be here to help out as long as I am needed, and that's as it should be. But it means delaying gratification in so many ways. And we all know I hate to wait!

To deal with any related stress, I'm focusing my psychic energy on my happy place: THE BEACH. I've changed my avatar on Facebook to my Shells and Waves beach scene, which was snapped a few years ago on Litchfield Beach, in the Pawleys Island area of South Carolina.

And, I'm using this Litchfield Beach Resort coffee mug in the mornings. It's huge...requiring 2 packets of sweetener for the 16 ounce capacity, but it's a tactile and visual cue.

The problem with super-sizing your coffee is that it gets cold before you reach The End.…

Summer Reading

I love a good book, don't you? And what better time to read than Summer? A cold glass of iced tea...lotsa lemon...and a slice of this warm banana bread I just took outta the oven (recipe below). It's still pleasant enough to park myself under the umbrella at the table on Missy M's deck, where I can enjoy all those container gardens I planted last week...and still be accessible to her if she needs anything. Her wifi is strong enough to give good service, even outside, so my iPad and I are connected...know what I mean?

Of course, I used to swear that I'd NEVER read an ebook. No. It had to be hardback or paperback, or nothing! Not even a papyrus scroll was considered good enough to qualify as a "real" book in my book. all happened so gradually, you know.

First I started with audiobooks. I detest any long drive by myself, and the drives I was making to and from Atlanta for work were l-o-n-g. So, I borrowed from the library one or two classic Agatha Ch…

And the Answer Is..

The toilet broke. Of course, it's now considered all my fault because I laughed in fate's face in that last post and asked "what's the next thing that's going to happen around here?" Now we know...

Fortunately, Mr. T had kept the business card of the guy who had installed the new hot water heater "just in case." So see...being prepared for whatever is going to happen next IS a good idea, right? Not that we could have imagined needing a plumber again so soon...but regardless, we were ready.

Missy M is currently holed up in the guest room (aka: my bedroom), propped up with multiple pillows, keeping her foot elevated per Dr's orders, and securing her two dogs. I managed to herd my three houndz out the back door and lock the doggie door when I saw the utility van backing into her driveway at 7:58. The plumber had said "between 8:00 and 9:00 a.m.", but I knew I had to be ready before that. I set my alarm for 6:45 so I could be showered an…

Little Black Raincloud

What's next?

Officially I have been banned from asking that question, but seriously... what's the next storm on our horizon? I need to ask so that I can be prepared. As if...

To recap: I was just getting to where I didn't cry at every passing thought of Momma when I took that unplanned shortcut down the stairs in January. Finally, finally...come mid-May, and I was feeling much better and on top of both my back problems and my positional vertigo nemesis. Getting back in my garden brought joy to my sore soul. Hooray! Then...

Missy M fell and broke her foot and possibly damaged the tendon, putting her on crutches and out of commission for a minimum of 6-8 weeks. So we throw a few things in the Endeavor...including the 3 dogs...and head to KY for the duration. Well, the dogs and I are here for the long-haul; Mr. T has to keep the pedal to the metal, driving back and forth, to and fro, hither and yon.

And then...

Major rainstorm gathered and dumped gallons of water...flowing ri…