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The Secret is Out

Want to know how one gets moved into a new house and unpacked (for the most part) in 2 months? The following photo will provide a clue:
No, the answer isn’t "throw back a few belts of Jack Daniel’s"!  The answer is: volunteer to host a brunch for 10!
Whew. What was I thinking? I don’t know, but when the suggestion was made at our October supper club dinner to make the November gathering a brunch, somehow or other my hand went up when the leader of our group asked “so, who wants to host a brunch the Sunday before Thanksgiving?”
(That reminds me of something my Daddy used to say about his Army basic training days: if someone asks for volunteers, take two giant steps backwards! Of course, he rarely followed his own advice. Need someone to head up the Dixie Youth Baseball League? Sidney will do it. There’s no one to be president of the Ripley High PTA? No problem...Sidney will do it! But I digress.)
I honestly thought that this was a time-delimited incentive to make the mountain of …