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We Have Arrived!

Yes siree, we have been to the Final Frontier and returned to tell the story! I've been posting pictures and patter about our recent Alaskan Cruise on the Ruby Princess that celebrated our Ruby Anniversary on Facebook, but thought I'd like to document our wonderful trip on my blog, too. 
To recap —
Wednesday found us heading to Raleigh as we were flying out of RDU on Thursday. We finally arrived in Seattle at 3:00 a.m. Pacific Time, after delays for gale force winds at our layover airport, San Francisco. Needless to say, we had zero energy for sightseeing the next day. Still we managed a taste of the town.
We loved flying first class. I found a great deal...and you only celebrate #40 once, right?
[Friday - early Sunday — See previous post]
Sunday embarkation —

OMG! I had no idea how huge the ship would be!

The terminal at Pier 91
They snapped this as we boarded. The blue dot I'm wearing at we were First Time Cruisers (please help if we appear lost!)
My blue card...don't go anyw…