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The First Iris Blooms

Remember...just a couple of weeks ago I was bemoaning the cold weather that had robbed us of our Spring? Well, apparently irises love a little cold snap because all of them are popping their blooms...and these are supposed to bloom in late May - June! We've been concerned about what the cold weather did to our daylillies, which are still showing signs of the frostbite they suffered on their leaves. And, the Japanese Maple in the front yard lost all of its new, tender leaves and turned's struggling to "come back." So sad looking. Not the noble iris! This photo shows the first to bloom in the backyard, with some light violet ones open on the side yard, and a couple of yellow ones about to pop in the front yard. Hooray! It makes my heart sing to see 'em!

I'm taking it easy today, following a rough couple of days with my back. Yesterday was my first day to try a new muscle relaxer, which...per usual with these kinds of meds...put me "under" w…

Happy 87 to Nana/Momma/Edith!

We wished Mom a happy 87th birthday last weekend in Louisville, where we started off the night at The Irish Rover get us in the proper mood for The Celtic Woman concert at the Louisville Palace Theatre. Despite a bit of a problem with all the steps in the old refurbed Palace (just ask us where Row AA is!), the usher was able to work it out so that Mom could enjoy the show from a choice seat in the wheelchair section of the Orchestra level...and as her "companion," I got to share the choiceness with her! We ended the evening at Maredith's for cake and presents...the best part, right?

Thomas headed off to Chicago to work for the week, while Mom, the dogs, and I were Maredith's houseguests. It was so nice to be with her for an extended visit! Then, after Thomas returned on Thursday, we took advantage of the excellent weekend weather to get started on the backyard project du jour: building some lattice-work "screens" to create badly-needed privac…

Bridge Over River Adsit

Did you have a nice Easter? Hope so.

Ours was a quiet one...just the three of us. Maredith stayed in Louisville, having dinner with a friend and her family. She made our favorite...strawberry cake...which was a hit!
Look what the Easter Bunny brought me! Can you tell what it is from the picture? It's a new bridge that will grace the pond area off our back deck. Of course, for this to work, we had to:Drain the pond and clean it.Remove all the rocks that surrounded the pond.Remove all the plants in that area, relocating some to a temporary bed for replanting later...and some in pots to go to Maredith's house in KY.Find a plan for building the bridge that I liked...and that Thomas thought was buildable. Then change the plan.Order the materials for delivery..."hello, Home Depot?" [A helpful hint: if you go to HD to place your order, don't do this on the weekend. The Contractor's Desk is staffed M-F only, so on the weekends, you have to get all the SKU numbers your…