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The Tax Man Cometh...

The birds are singing, the flowers are blooming, the temperatures are rising. Oh yes, it's that time of the year! No, I speak not of Spring...I speak of (dum-da-dum-dum) tax filing season.

As the "designated filer" for our family, I prepare to prepare the returns...starting in January when I typically purchase the software as soon as it hits the shelves at Sam's Club. Because I have a sole proprietorship, I buy the TurboTax Home & Business version, to have access to the forms I need. Then, I start collecting the documention I'll need to file the three returns (ours, Mom's, and Maredith's)...gathering the necessary forms, etc.,...and waiting until the time is right to tackle this annual chore. Well, the sun, moon, and stars were in alignment yesterday, I guess, because I started the ball rolling...working on Mom's return (finished it in the's really a simple thing), followed by Maredith's (a bit more complicated, as she was a …

Introducing...Wilson Potts!

Welcome to the World...Wilson Potts! Yesterday, Thomas and I worked diligently to take all those 31 pots (two 10" clay pots; one 8" clay pot; 16 6" clay pots; and 12 4" clay pots) that have been sitting in the garage all Winter long and to create our very own Clay Pot Person. We read the directions that came with the Bag of Bones...and read them again...and attempted to do what they said...and then re-read the what we'd just done...and finally got it right! We hope to add some interest with bits of clothing...a green plant in the big pot on top ("hair" for his "head")...and some seasonal touches here and there. Meanwhile, Wilson adorns the bench in our back yard. How do you like him?
We saw a similar Pot Person at the bed & breakfast where Jack and Julie were married...almost 8 years ago...and I've wanted one ever since. I searched the internet and located a company in Florida that makes the "bones" that …

Welcome to MO, Spring!

Drum roll, please!! I am pleased to announce that we are finally welcoming our first daffodils. I had wanted to post a picture last week, but I couldn’t get out and take one for the SNOW that was falling!!! Of course, today is a fabulous first day of Spring, breezy with highs in the high 70s. >>>>Be sure and scroll ALL THE WAY DOWN the page (below the posts) to see the video I took of a cardinal at the feeder off the deck in the back yard!<<<<< Love it! Well, I love it as long as the tornado sirens are silent!! Thomas is in Minneapolis, where it’s a bit cooler, shall we say? He’s scheduled to fly back in tomorrow, when thunderstorms are forecast…bummer.

We’re still waiting on the results of Thomas’ most recent test to determine the reason he’s anemic. Remember, he had to swallow the PillCam last Tuesday (see my previous Post)? He said it wasn’t so bad swallowing the thing, but he didn’t particularly care for having to wear the “recorder/transmitter” box aroun…

March Madness!

"Where has this month gone???" I find myself asking that question more and more often. I had thought I'd get more done this week than I did, but the week zigged when I had planned to zag!

First, Thomas had to return to the hospital for another GI test to determine why he's anemic. This time he had to swallow a camera! Yep, that's right...a camera. It's called PillCam, and it's just fascinating...or as John Denver would have said..."far out!" We don't have the results yet, as his doctor is out of town until Monday. Fingers crossed...toes, too!

On a more pleasant note, the rest of my week was centered around a visit from one of Mom's friends, Rose Liming. She and her daughter, Carol, motored over in Carol's new Murano (neat car!) from the Cincinnati area for a couple of days. Rose and Mom have known each other for many years, dating back to the days when Daddy worked his "second job" at Clopay in Covington. Carol is a skilled a…

The Lion of March

It's been so true here: "March comes in like a Lion, goes out like a Lamb." The wind blew ol' February away (thank goodness!) and blew our new month right in. Of course, we are still getting some low temps (went down into the twenties last weekend), but the days are brighter and the cold is receding...gradually. I'm eagerly awaiting that first daffodil to pop open...there are several candidates for the honor in both front and back gardens, but none has dared brave the coolish weather to make a full appearance.

Maredith was here for the weekend and stayed through Tuesday morning as she had work in the STL area. It was wonderful to have her here...period. I find that I miss her more and more.

I worked "overtime" on Sunday to finish up Hannah's Big Girl Blanket, crocheted in a shell pattern using Lion Brand's Baby Soft in White, Powder Pink, and Bubble Gum. That's a picture of it in the "Projects Completed" area on the right, alo…