Introducing...Wilson Potts!

Welcome to the World...Wilson Potts! Yesterday, Thomas and I worked diligently to take all those 31 pots (two 10" clay pots; one 8" clay pot; 16 6" clay pots; and 12 4" clay pots) that have been sitting in the garage all Winter long and to create our very own Clay Pot Person. We read the directions that came with the Bag of Bones...and read them again...and attempted to do what they said...and then re-read the what we'd just done...and finally got it right! We hope to add some interest with bits of clothing...a green plant in the big pot on top ("hair" for his "head")...and some seasonal touches here and there. Meanwhile, Wilson adorns the bench in our back yard. How do you like him?

We saw a similar Pot Person at the bed & breakfast where Jack and Julie were married...almost 8 years ago...and I've wanted one ever since. I searched the internet and located a company in Florida that makes the "bones" that hold all the pots in place: Annie's Bag of Bones. I ordered a couple of bags last year...even bought all those pots...and then set the project aside as I do occasionally. What made me decide to finish it yesterday? Well, let's see...we were working in the's Spring and time for new things...the bench looked so vacant...who knows? Whatever was the motivation, it worked!

Otherwise, it was a rather sad weekend around here. The University of Memphis Tigers lost their Elite Eight game to Oh-how-I-hate Ohio State. Major bummer. I had to retreat to the yard and throw myself into the work of dividing irises (irii?). Whew! Thank goodness for iris! I worked out my frustrations...set up a temporary spot for the iris and day lilies that we needed to move...and made up 20 pot of iris and day lilies to take to Maredith, to help her get some color into her yard in Kentucky!

We're moving the plants because we are re-working the pond and waterfall we have just off our deck. We're repositioning the waterfall to the opposite side of the pond so that we can incorporate a garden bridge into the design. I've always wanted a bridge, and Thomas says the plans I found shouldn't be too difficult to build. I'll post a picture when we get it finished.
It's a really good week here, especially since Thomas will be in town all week...woo-hoo! He's got a meeting scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday, and Friday is the last working day of the month, so he'll be in his home office for close-of-business. I wish every week could be like this!

OK...time to close...laundry calleth!


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