The Lion of March

It's been so true here: "March comes in like a Lion, goes out like a Lamb." The wind blew ol' February away (thank goodness!) and blew our new month right in. Of course, we are still getting some low temps (went down into the twenties last weekend), but the days are brighter and the cold is receding...gradually. I'm eagerly awaiting that first daffodil to pop open...there are several candidates for the honor in both front and back gardens, but none has dared brave the coolish weather to make a full appearance.

Maredith was here for the weekend and stayed through Tuesday morning as she had work in the STL area. It was wonderful to have her here...period. I find that I miss her more and more.

I worked "overtime" on Sunday to finish up Hannah's Big Girl Blanket, crocheted in a shell pattern using Lion Brand's Baby Soft in White, Powder Pink, and Bubble Gum. That's a picture of it in the "Projects Completed" area on the right, along with a fluffy white scarf I made for Mom for Valentine's Day, using two threads held together (Moda Dea's Dream in Winter White and Caron's Simply Soft in White). Both turned out well and made me proud of the efforts. I think the recipients of each will enjoy using them. (This is Hannah's second blankie; her Mom made a special request for one, as the one I made when Hannah was born 5 years ago has about been loved too much...and needs to be retired!) I just love it when I start a project...and when I complete it! It's the middle part that can sometimes feel like forever!

Speaking of starting a project, I started a new knitted baby afghan with some new baby blue and white self-striping yarn I picked up when Maredith and I met for some Mother-Daughter Bonding Time at Michael's on Monday. It's knit on the diagonal, casting on 4 stitches and using a simple YFWD to increase between the second and third stitch on each row, until you have 190 stitches. Then, you do a decrease on each row after the YFWD and before the loop on the other end of the row. It's simple...and looks like it will work up quickly. We'll see...

And, I continue thinking about working on my green cotton thread knitted sweater. I worked on it while on our last visit to Maredith, but I haven't picked it up since returning home. Such is life...

I've entered the CNBC Million Dollar Challenge contest, so I've been studying the market a lot this week. I find that it does 'challenge' me to determine some parameters...only, not for investing...but for the contest itself. Still, I've been able to put some of the things I've been learning about investing to work, and I found that I already had a "Watch List" available to start my 'investing' on CNBC. Yesterday, I was surprised to learn that I had moved from the top 92% to the top 23%! How about that?!

Time to close and get supper ready. Let's see...what sounds good tonight? I've got a good many 'fixins' for another Mexican meal, but can't decide just what...? We'll see...


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