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Crossed the Finish Line!

Hooray!  I finished my Ravelympics 2010 project (Fair Isle Collared Swing Jacket) last night.  I was weaving in the final ends about the same time that the Star-Spangled Banner was playing for Team USA 4-man Bobsled #1, as they received their gold medal...62 years in the making.  Thrills abound!
I think that event was actually the most exciting of the Games for me. Or, maybe it was just the way NBC manipulated  staged the coverage to make it more exciting and keep us watching.  Whatever.  I cheered Steve Holcomb's team to victory and shed tears to hear our National Anthem (rather than yet another playing of Oh Canada...the words to which I think we all know by now). Now, if we can just sing O Say Can You See today after the Hockey game...
Anyway, I've actually earned TWO medals for this project :  one in the Sweaterboard Cross and one in the Nordic Colorwork Combined.  And, even though this is really a "swing jacket" (wider at the bottom than at the top) rather than a …

Got Yogurt?

I could not resist sharing this photo of Ella Rae with you.  Missy M emailed it to me yesterday under the title "Grocery List" and with the comments:  We need more yogurt.

Now you can see why we miss this little fluff-ball so much. She's just soooo cute...and she certainly kept us chuckling while she was Doxie-in-Residence.

I hope it brings laughter to your lips, too.  Now, go get a's good for you, you know.

Happy Tuesday!

Ready, Set, Go!

Let's see...where was I?  Oh yeah.  We had a houseful of dogs (four...count'em, 4).  That all changed last weekend when Mr. T and I made the "mad dash" to meet up with Missy M  at the half-way point...a Subway parking lot in Charleston, WV.  We still had snow on the ground here, but we'd already put this little trip off a couple of times due to the weather...and with more snow on the way, well, we were afraid that we may not get there until the Spring thaw.  So, we loaded up the Endeavor with Ella Rae and all her stuff:  donut-shaped bed, blanket embroidered with her name, and a bag full of toys...and off we went.

Snow?  You ain't seen snow until you've been up I-77 through Fancy Gap, VA to Ghent, WV.  Mr. T asked one of the toll booth operators ('s a toll road through that part of WV) how much snow they had on the ground.  She said 27 inches.  And, snow was falling at the time.  It snowed on us...well, mostly flurried on us for almost the en…

One of Life's Lemons, an Essay by Elmo

Hey folks!  One of my humans (AKA: Mommie) asked me to post today.  Actually, she's doing the typing, but I get to do the fun stuff...woo-hoo!  Mommie's still a little stunned by our trip to see Dr. Nasisse, my new NC Vet Ophthalmologist.  I don't know why she's bothered...he used that Tonopen thingie on my eyes, not hers.  Maybe, it was the big bill when she went to get my medicine (photo to right) that really did her in. Yowza!  But, I'm getting a little ahead of myself.

Mommie's already told you that I have glaucoma.  More to the point, I have Primary Glaucoma, which affects lots of other Basset Hounds, too.  Here are a couple of links to learn more about it, if you really want to: (1) ; (2)

Or, you can just trust me when I say this is NOT GOOD in capital letters.  Mommie has to put those drops in my eyes three times a day...3 different kinds, three times a day.  When I lived in …

Two To One...and the One, Won!

Yep, it's the morning after the Big Game.  Lots of Monday morning quarterbackin' going on.  We were a house-divided around 3917:  Mr. T and N/M/E were wearing blue (for the Colts), and I showed up in my black and gold (for the Saints).  Missy M phoned in her ambivalence...she was probably going to yell for Peyton (the quarterback, not the coach) she said, but she wouldn't be unhappy if New Orleans pulled it off.  Well, they sure as heck did!  New Orleans 31 - Indy 17.  They are probably still dancing on Bourbon Street.

Truthfully, I was hoping to be wearing purple on the first Sunday in February, but my quarterback (Brett Favre) didn't make it out of the Big Easy two weeks ago a winner.  So, I transferred my allegiance to the Saints, who have been favs since we lived in Shreveport in the mid-70's (back when they were called the NO Ain't's...:).  I've usually adopted whatever team of whatever city/region of wherever we were living at the time: the Falcons…

Round Two

What a mess outside!  We got another round of snow in the night...which has now turned to a cold rain, with the temps just above the freezing mark:  32.7 degrees on the digital thermometer.  I was going to post a photo of it, but how do you take a picture of "melting?"  Ugh.  Let's see if I can find another one from the previous round of winter weather...there, over on the right:  that was looking out our front door, toward the street.  The magnolia tree was weighted down with powdery snow (which has since melted off...and been replaced...and now been washed off again).   After a day of continuous rain, we will get re-freezing and more snow tonight.

It's definitely a good day to stay inside, with the fireplace going...a pot of stew on the stove...a cup of tea by my chair...and needles clicking in my hands.  I love a snow day...even if it's not as pretty as the last one was.

Here're a few photos of my latest FO, with the finished object shown on the left.  I co…

Whoa! Snow!!

Well, we sure hit the snow jackpot this time!  According to the official count, High Point received 7 inches of snow, starting on Friday night...and continuing throughout Saturday.  We measured 5.5 inches on Saturday morning here in our backyard, so we may have received a bit more than the official amount when it was all said and done.  Regardless...we got enough to cover essential body parts on the Houndz.  Here's a shot of Mr. T (left), refilling the bird feeders mid-afternoon Saturday.  He's got his Michelin-Man coat on, along with his new Tractor Supply Wellies (boots).  Since the temps were in the low twenties, he certainly didn't linger outside. 
Once inside, he kicked back in his new recliner (Santa was a little slow in getting it here, but it finally arrived just after New Year's Day...:).  He was thinking of a little nap...and so were the Houndz.  Before he knew it, he had Elmo on his chest, Gus in his lap, and Ella Rae on the foot-rest.  (Duchess huffed off i…