Two To One...and the One, Won!

Yep, it's the morning after the Big Game.  Lots of Monday morning quarterbackin' going on.  We were a house-divided around 3917:  Mr. T and N/M/E were wearing blue (for the Colts), and I showed up in my black and gold (for the Saints).  Missy M phoned in her ambivalence...she was probably going to yell for Peyton (the quarterback, not the coach) she said, but she wouldn't be unhappy if New Orleans pulled it off.  Well, they sure as heck did!  New Orleans 31 - Indy 17.  They are probably still dancing on Bourbon Street.

Truthfully, I was hoping to be wearing purple on the first Sunday in February, but my quarterback (Brett Favre) didn't make it out of the Big Easy two weeks ago a winner.  So, I transferred my allegiance to the Saints, who have been favs since we lived in Shreveport in the mid-70's (back when they were called the NO Ain't's...:).  I've usually adopted whatever team of whatever city/region of wherever we were living at the time: the Falcons when we were in ATL..and now, the Panthers since we are near Charlotte (where fellow University of Memphis alum De'angelo Williams plays).  Liked the Packers while Favre (fellow University of Southern Mississippi alum) was there; now cheer for the Vikings.  Never could like the Rams when in STL, even though I tried while Isaac Bruce (UM alum) was there.  But, have always had a soft spot for the Saints.

When the final second clicked off the game clock, I felt like a winner in more ways than one.  I had just finished my newest FO:  the Woven Rattan scarf (weaving in the last end with 1:46 to go in the 4th quarter...:).  I started this scarf (see photo, left) last year during the play-offs, but couldn't m-a-k-e myself finish it.  The Manos del Uruguay Wool Clasica handspun, kettle-dyed yarn is yummy, and I love the colorway 107 (purples, burgundies, pinks...what's not to love?)...and it was created to become a beautiful, warm scarf.  When I spotted the shop sample at Knit and Caboodle in St. Charles, MO (still my fav LYS, although I now live 5 states away...sigh), I thought "gotta knit that!"  The pattern was free with the yarn purchase, so what could be more right?  Hmmmm.

I really struggled with finishing this...not because the pattern was difficult, but because the pattern was, well, irritating is the only word I can think of.  I enjoy knitting, but this pattern was more about slipping stitches, wrapping yarn overs, and passing the slipped stitches over the (very few) knitted stitches on right side...all of which creates that beautiful woven rattan look...and which requires constant attention to where you are in the pattern.  Not good for relaxing and catching up with my shows.  The wrong side was even more painful (and I mean that literally and figuratively): it required purling two stitches together, and then without removing the completed stitch, purling into the first stitch still on the LH needle.  With fat-to-thin yarn and size US11 needles, I felt like I had to wrangle the wrong side.  My hands actually hurt after a session with this project.  I'm happy to have finally finished it, I will thoroughly enjoy wearing it...and I will file this pattern away, never to be done again.

I also finished my Possum XOX Socks on Friday, but I'll wait until another post to show you a picture of them.  They are a gift, so...well, you know. 

I'm trying to clear out my UFO's so I can focus totally on my Ravelympics2010 project.  Here's a pic (right) of the yarn (Baby Alpaca Grande Tweed color 2229 by Plymouth) and the swatches.  Can't start the project until the Opening Ceremonies of the Winter Olympics on Friday. More on that later.

All's well weather-wise here in the Piedmont of NC today.  We have a bit of snow lingering ("waiting on the next round"?), the Weather Channel is predicting both snow and rain for tonight, but as of right's just cold.  I'm getting ready for Elmo's appointment with his new NC opthalmologist.  Will let you know how that goes.  Fingers crossed...toes, too!


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