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Bell's Palsy Update: Day 1,095

Let's start this post on a positive note, courtesy of the folks at Blue Mountain cards (

Happy? Good. Remember that feeling. 'Cause it's going to get worse before it gets better.

Three years ago today, I experienced the worst day of my life.* After a few frightening hours, I was diagnosed with a neurological condition known as Bell's Palsy, which in my case affected the left side of my face. If you are just joining me on my adventure...or have forgotten how it all played can revisit my original post on the subject and read forward, starting here: Go ahead...I'll wait.
Fast forward to 2014. At the two-year anniversary, I wrote about my realization of how I had moved from "recovering from Bell's Palsy" to "living with the residual effects of Bell's Palsy" in this post, written one year ago today. I specifically mentioned my &q…

All This...and Heaven Above

"I'm just an old hound dog
Roaming around, oh Lord
I've got all this and Heaven above
Oh, Atlanta
I hear you calling
I'm coming back to you one fine day
No need to worry
There ain't no hurry cause I'm
On my way back to Georgia
On my way back to Georgia..." — Lyrics by Alison Krauss

We are on the road again, for the second weekend in a row. And since our destinations involved Nashville and Atlanta, I thought the song lyrics above...written by one of my favorite "country" artists (she is just so talented: singer, songwriter, and performer!) about one of my favorite places...was apropos. Last weekend, Mr. T and I made it to a very special picnic with a very special group of people: my Lunn cousins. It was held at a fabulous park in Goodlettsville, organized by my oldest first cousin and his wife, who not only coordinated everything and everyone...but also grilled the hamburgers they provided...on one of the hottest days of the year, so far! Three genera…