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A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

It was a gorgeous weekend here in HPNC.  Cooler skies.  Perfect for working out in the yard.  We had 12 new rose bushes that needed to get in the ground, so that set the tone for our To Do List on Saturday.  I know, I know...I said I didn't want another To Do list, didn't I?  Truth-be-told, I operate better when I have some sort of plan.

Anyway, we started the day off with a trip to Ilderton Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep in downtown High Point to get Lillie Pearl her 20K check-up:  oil, filter, tire rotation, and new wiperblades.  If you come in for service on Saturdays, they give you a car wash for free.  Since everything around here is covered in pollen dust, a bath sounded like a great idea.  Of course, if I'd thought about what date it was, I might have thought twice about going through DT HPNC on this particular Saturday:  opening day of the Spring Furniture MarketWhat are all these dressed-up people doing here?  Oh well, it all worked out OK...and Li…

The Big Day

This is it.  N/M/E turns 90 today!  She said this morning that it was almost anticlimactic, since she's been celebrating The Big Day for almost a week now.  Still...reaching this milestone is truly something special.

Kith and kin began to arrive last Thursday.  By Friday night, we had a gathering of 22 for pizza at the local Donato's (a fav of Missy M and Mom's since our Ohio days).  The winners of the "longest drive" were the AZ nieces/cousins and their DHs, followed by my own DH's sister and BIL from TX.  Other states represented included KY, IL, TN, and NC.  It was a lively bunch!

N/M/E looked beautiful on Saturday as you can see in that photo (above, left).  She was ready to welcome all who came to help her make a wonderful memory of the weekend.  We had everyone sign the Guest Book, then took their pictures right then and there.  When we get those photos developed, we'll put them in the book beside their signature and well-wishes.  We had seven state…

Wacky Weather, Wacky Week Altogether

Folks, I've got to admit it.  I've been one of the worst complainers about the long, cold Winter we had.  Snow after snow after snow blanketed the Piedmont, and it got to be old after the first couple of them.  Would Spring ever arrive?


I must have blinked, because we seem to have gone from Winter right into Summer...forget Spring.  We hit 96 here today (a record high)...warmer than it was in Phoenix, AZ, which is always my test of whether it's hot here...or anywhere, for that matter.  The tree pollen count is so high that they can't even chart the number in a graph without some distortion on TV.  It feels like we are all going to choke on the yellow dust that covers everything in sight.  Cough, cough...wheeze, wheeze...pass the Allegra-D, please.

N/M/E asked me if I'd taken a photo (above, left) of the pink dogwood that grows in front of our front porch yet...that I'd better do it quickly, 'cause it might not have any flowers on it at all tomorr…