The Big Day

This is it.  N/M/E turns 90 today!  She said this morning that it was almost anticlimactic, since she's been celebrating The Big Day for almost a week now.  Still...reaching this milestone is truly something special.

Kith and kin began to arrive last Thursday.  By Friday night, we had a gathering of 22 for pizza at the local Donato's (a fav of Missy M and Mom's since our Ohio days).  The winners of the "longest drive" were the AZ nieces/cousins and their DHs, followed by my own DH's sister and BIL from TX.  Other states represented included KY, IL, TN, and NC.  It was a lively bunch!

N/M/E looked beautiful on Saturday as you can see in that photo (above, left).  She was ready to welcome all who came to help her make a wonderful memory of the weekend.  We had everyone sign the Guest Book, then took their pictures right then and there.  When we get those photos developed, we'll put them in the book beside their signature and well-wishes.  We had seven states represented on Saturday.

AZ Cousin Ann is way ahead of us.  She got all her photos developed, then popped them in an album for N/M/E to begin enjoying the memories right away.  You go, girl!  I'm not there yet, but keep watching over there in the left column...eventually I'll get an online album published.

Since some of the folks stayed in town, we headed to the Crafts Show at the Greensboro Coliseum on Sunday.  Then, we got together for lunch at the Bistro 150 on Monday.  And, had by-special-request pancake brunch and a nice visit here at home on Tuesday.  Today seems so quiet and calm after all the activity!

I'm taking a rest from doing taxes (yes, it's THAT time of the year again...:), so that I can give my brain a break.  And, after tomorrow's 15th deadline, I hope to return to normal, whatever that may be.  In no particular order:
  • I want to work in the garden...
  • I want to get those photos of the party developed and in the album...
  • I want to sit on the deck...or the screened porch...or the front porch...or in the swing...and do absolutely nothing.  No "To Do" List(s).  Just enjoy the flowers in bloom (like that iris over there on the right) and veg out.

Update on the dogs:  Elmo had his 3-week follow-up visit on Monday with his ophthalmologist, Wonderful Dr. Nasisse.  His pressures are down to 8 in both eyes, so that confirms that he's pain-free from the glaucoma.  Remarkable!  Even better...he's adapted to being blind, with very few problems that we've noticed. He's still the skittish one of the bunch, but he seemed to be more comfortable around all the people than he's ever been.  Amazing!!

And, Duchess is doing better, too.  We had a wonderful report from loving, caring Dr. Heidi:  those tissue samples she sent off for testing?  All were benign.  Follicular cysts, I believe she called them.  Common in Golden Retrievers and Basset Hounds.  Joy.  She gets her stitches (of which she has what appears to be thousands...) out on Friday.  Then she can get back to making more cysts.  We should start saving money for the next round of removal, right?

Don't worry.  I haven't stopped knitting completely.  I tried to stay true to my resolution in March:  either finish it or frog it.  I resolved most of my WIP's:  finished the Entwined Shawl for N/M/E's Easter present and the belt for Missy M's Easter basket.  Frogged the Clara baby dress; the cotton cashmere yarn was just too heavy for the delicate patterning.  Worked on the blue baby blanket I've been crocheting for-ev-er...will hopefully finsh it sooner rather than later.  That leaves one other crochet baby blanket and the Handmaiden Sea Cell scarf in the works.  Oh, and the dress for the Bunny I knit for Missy M's basket (right now, the Bunny is in the buff, shall we say?)

The strange thing is that I'm stalled at what I want to start next on the needles!  I've organized all my stash yarn that was moved...and I realized how much fibre I have in the house.  S-c-a-r-y.  But, now that I've resolved several projects, I don't know what I want to work on.  So, I keep going back to what's left:  blue baby blanket and/or the scarf (which may or may not get frogged, since I've found a shawl pattern I like better than what I've got going now).  Sigh.

OK...back to the taxes.  Just 31 more hours to file.  And pay.  Don't forget the "pay" part.  Oh yeah, it's gonna be one of those years unfortunately.  Seems like every time we have a moving year, we have a paying year on the following April 15th.

Maybe I'll just have a cupcake instead...


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