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Nana's Socks

Finished another pair of socks this weekend...woohoo! These (photo, right) were made for Nana/Momma/Edith with Crystal Palace yarn called "Panda Cotton." It's a blend of bamboo, cotton, and nylon, and I l-o-v-e working with it! So much more nicer to knit than that scratchy Sockotta blend I used for the last pair.
These socks were knit using an Ann Budd pattern called Ambrosia. Sorta. Well, Ann's pattern is for toe-up socks (which I find to be more trouble than they are worth, especially if your socks are take-along projects, where you don't want to be fiddling with a paper pattern all the time...I mean, haven't you noticed how much more complicated they are than a regular knit-the-cuff, leg, heel, gusset, foot and toe sock pattern, which is pretty much routine, other than the pattern stitches?). And, that's what I used from the Ambrosia pattern...the stitch, which is called a Butterfly Rib. It's like a mini-cable stitch, and it creates a lovely wavy, …

Project Update

First things, first...the summer weather report:
It's been HOT, HOT, HOT for so LONG, LONG, LONG! Yesterday was a bit of a reprieve, with a high of "only" 94 degrees, but the humidity was so HIGH, HIGH, HIGH that it felt like a wet blanket thrown overhead, just to go out to the mail box. Then, there's today...where it's already 97 before noon, with 104 predicted for our high...ouch! Who wants to do anything outside in this heat? When will summer pass...?
That brings me to my (indoor) project report. Since I can't seem to get the energy to do anything outside, I have been knitting up a storm. I finished my striped Sockotta socks (photo, left) late last week and a set of baby socks in Aqua Jeannette, a cotton blend, this weekend. I worked the stripies on two circular needles, size US1, like the book pictured (Cat Bordhi's "Socks Soar on Circular Needles"), and that worked out pretty well. At least, this pair fits me a bit better than my first sock …

Stitchin' 'n Pitchin'

Stitch N' Pitchis a winner, as far as I'm concerned. Monday night, I got to see a great game (the Cardinals beat the Padres 10-5, with a record-tying 10 straight hits in the 5th inning, including two hits by the pitcher!), and I got a great "goodie bag," full of neat stuff like yarn, needles, and patterns. Actually, I got two bags full, as Mom couldn't use the ticket I got for I got her goodie bag and brought it home. Plus, I got to knit in a rather unusual place without too many heads turning.Actually, no one paid any attention at all to me, since most of the folks around me were either knitting or crocheting. The photo (above) shows the SNP vendor area, set up in one of the open-air pavilions at Busch Stadium (below, left). I chose to work on my (second) sock that is mostly cotton...and lightweight compared to the wool blend of the Harry Potter scarf (another portable project currently on my needles). I noticed one woman sitting behind me who was work…

Heeeere's Paula!

What a weekend! We had tickets to the Paula Deen Live! Showin Nashville at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center (TPAC) on Saturday morning. Thomas, Maredith, and I had fantastic seats, right in the middle of the packed-to-the-rafters auditorium, and we were wowed by it all. Paula (photo, right) is a hoot!! She chatted with her audience as if we were old friends dropping by her house...she even had a sofa, chair, and ottoman on stage alongside her kitchen (complete with the latest Viking appliances, of course). As you can see in the photo (below, center), her husband, Michael, joined her onstage, alongside the MC Jim (who had a fabulously deep voice) and her Kitchen Assistand du jour Rebecca, and they all vied for the honors of being named "Life of the Party." Paula's table was set for 8 guests, who enjoyed the menu prepared on stage: golden fried pork chops, Lady & Sons Mac & Cheese, and collards. We got the recipes with the program...and, of course, I intend to…

Looks Who's Landed for Dinner

Can you tell who our "dinner guest" was? Last night, we saw this huge hawk in our back yard, and I tried to snap a picture of it without spooking it to fly away. Although a bit fuzzy and unfocused, you can see Mr. Hawk sitting on the back fence, can't you? I believe it was a red-tailed one, as the tail (which isn't visible in this photo, left), was long and reddish-brown. As majestic as a hawk is, the undeniable fact is that it's looking for its dinner...and it is definitely not a seed-eater. As we have fish in our pond (3 of them...Jaws, Goldie Spawn, and Tiger...doing nicely in their new home, I might add), not 10 feet from where Mr. Hawk is fence-sitting, and as we have a bunny family living under the deck and periodically frolicking in the garden (even though we also have 3 "ferocious" Attack Bassets lounging on the deck, oblivious to the Bunnies...), I wasn't too sad to see Mr. Hawk take flight right after I snapped this photo.

I know that hawk…