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Garden Shed - The Big Reveal

Whoosh!  That was the sound of November rushing by.  I really must be getting older 'cause every month seems to go by faster than the one just before.

I took that picture (right) this morning, looking  out the dining room window...AKA my office (or, droffice, if you will...:) to document the last leaf left on the dogwood tree in front of the front porch. Mr. T spent nearly an hour with the leaf blower, trying to corral all the ones that had fallen on the sidewalk and driveway, blowing them back into the area we call the Natural Area.  It's a hopeless cause if done before all the leaves fall, but we are pretty close now.  Only the oak trees are holding on to theirs now.  Winter is truly on its way.

The last full month of Fall has been a busy one for us here at Casa 3917.  As you know from reading the previous posts, building a garden shed has taken up most of our spare time. 

 You will recall this project started early A.M. on 11/11, with the delivery of the kit from Home D…

We Give Thanks

What a wonderful day it was!  Even though the weather outside was not the best (drizzling rain, cloudy, etc.), we were dry and warm and well-fed inside.  For these and all our many blessings, we continue to give thanks.

  Anyone who knows me knows I love to decorate for the holidays...pretty much any holiday.  I have color-coded plastic containers in the attic for practically every special day...and Thanksgiving gets two boxes.  Mr. T got them out when he put the Halloween boxes (3 of them...:) back up, so I've had the mantles and the dining room table decorated for several weeks, adding a touch here and there.

As you can see in that picture (right), the centerpiece on the table again this year is the stuffed turkey I made 20-25 years ago.  There are also matching placemats, napkins, and aprons.  I add lots of fall colors in the leaves, the flowers, and the candles...and I sprinkle leaf-shaped confetti about on the tablecloth.  A pain to pick up...but a fun touch nonetheless.


Garden Shed, Days 4 - 7

Image where was I?
The walls were up on the Garden Shed, and the inside had been painted and covered to protect it against the elements.  Mr. T had to return to work (which means he had to return to the road...:), so we were on temporary hiatus from construction.
No more.  He's taking a few more of those "vacation days," so we've been building as fast as our hammers could nail.  After the walls came the workbench (and you thought I was going to say something silly like "the roof," didn't you?) and the interior shelves that form the "attic" and two side storage areas.  Then came the roof trusses and the trim boards (photo, left).  Hey, this instruction book is very specific about the order of things...and we're doing our best to follow their lead.
Finally, on Day 5, the roof went up and the windows went in.  That was an exciting day for sure, 'cause now the weather could change without our having to be overly concerned …

The Sun Returned, the Shed's Still Standing, So Let's Celebrate!

Good news!  The wind and the rain huffed and puffed on the new Garden Shed walls...but to no avail.  They're still standing after a long night of rough weather.  Whew!

And, today dawned bright and glorious.  Carolina Blue, gold, and orange leaves...clean and fresh breezes...just an absolutely beautiful Autumn day.  As Mr. T is still out-of-town, I'm putting away the hammer and nails and declaring this a no-construction zone day.  I decided to leave well-enough alone, as they say, and celebrate our good fortune.

A celebration calls for...cupcakes!

I have been craving a cupcake for the longest kinda time.  Devil's Food chocolate cake with creamy vanilla buttercream icing...and lots of it!  Hey, I'm making 'em, so I get to choose the flavors, right?

I checked the pantry and decided to do my best imitation of Sandra know, the "Semi-Homemade" lady on HGTV?  "Keep it Simple, keep it smart, keep it sweet, and keep it semi-homemade.&quo…

The Garden Shed - Day Three

The wind doth blow, the rain doth fall...

As I write this post, I've got one eye on the weather...for good reason, too.  We have predictions of rain and wind, possibly even a thunderstorm...and we don't need any of those here at Casa 3917.

Remember, when last you read, we'd raised the walls on our Garden Shed, but the dark and the cold chased us indoors before we could complete any further steps of the instruction booklet.  So, it sits roof-less, facing the cruel elements.  And, I sit...fearing one bad blast that will flatten all our hard work.  It's a nail-biter, all right.

  We took a little break this past weekend from construction work to travel to Huntington, WV, to see the Tigers play the Thundering Herd of Marshall University.  Yep, that Marshall.  Plus, it was the 40th anniversary of the plane crash that killed 70+ members of football team, coaches, and supporters returning from the East Carolina football game.  Not the best week to be playing them.

Anyway, a…

Garden Shed, Day Two

Excellent Progress.  That's what our report card for Day Two of Building our Garden Shed might say.

As you will recall (if you read that last post), we'd gotten the foundation done and the first side wall all framed up...before the dark overtook us.

Thankfully, Friday dawned bright and beautiful (if a bit on the nippy side...:), so we got going with construction right after Mr. T finished his scheduled (work) conference call.  Yep, he's still on his so-called vacation.


We nailed on the siding to Wall One (Right) and got it upright against the tree.  Wall Two (Left) went a little faster, probably because we had more experience in interpreting the picture-instructions.  We had it framed up, paused for lunch, and then nailed on the siding...all by 1:00. 

  The Back Wall was a jigsaw puzzle, and we congratulated ourselves when we finished it and got it standing upright against the picket (garden) fence.  Whew!

Next up, Front Wall and the Doors.  Now, this thing was…

Garden Shed, Day One

6:34 a.m.  (phone rings): 
Me:  Hello?  (barely audible...and thoroughly befuddled with sleep 'cause that's what I was just doing...)
Man (way too cheerfully for this time of the day):  Miz Adsit?  This is Bruce from Home Depot.  I'm on my way with your delivery and wanted to check the directions to your house.
Me:  Hmm.  Directions?  Right.  (Now, where exactly do I live ? Think, Patricia, think!)7:11 a.m.  Home Depot delivery truck pulls up in front of our house. Yowza!  That's a lot of mulch and stuff you have there, Bruce!

 7:45 a.m.  Bruce the Wonder Man finishes off-loading our delivery [which includes the Garden Shed kit, all the lumber needed to build the foundation for the shed and a small deck for the Way Back, six boxes of roofing shingles, a roll of roofing "paper," along with 250 bags (on three pallets!) of mulch, and 50 bags of garden soil amendment], with his fork-lift from his big truck to our now-filled driveway.  Time for another cup of c…

A Pause to Refresh

  Wanted to share a funny photo with you.  It isn't the best quality, since I took it with my cell phone instead of my camera.  But, I thought it would bring a smile to your face, too.  As you can probably guess, we are dog-sitting this week, and Ella Rhea has her own special spot for squirrel recon duty.  Ahem.

OK, it's official.  I'm thoroughly sick of writing.  No, that's not quite right...I'm thoroughly sick of feeling like I'm being forced to write.  That's it.

So, I'll take a little break from writing for NaNoWriMo (where I'm behind on my word count...but I don't care...nah, nah, nah, nah...:) and will, well, write a post for my blog.   Ah, much better.

I actually have had to give myself permission to slack off (at least, from writing) this week because Mr. T is taking some of his vacation days...the "use 'em or lose 'em" variety, since he had 11 days to take off between November 1 and November 30, which already had two…

It's a New Month

November 1st.  Really?  Can it be November already??

Before I go too far with this whole "where has the year gone?" theme, let me post a couple of photos I took as October wound down to a close.

 This one (left) is of our front door, with the 30+ year-old ghosts adorning the porch lights and the dogs behind the glass (see Gus and Duchess down at the bottom, looking out, with Elmo sneaking up behind them?).  Behind the glass, guys.  Stay!  Yea, like that was going to work with all those kids-in-costume coming up the steps...obviously here just to pet the houndz, right?  I had both door and dog duty on Sunday night...something I didn't think I'd be able to handle by myself.  But, I employed a system that worked surprisingly well.

I kept the fence up at the top of the steps.  Fence, you say?  If you've been to our house, you know we have about 6 or 7 steps leading up from the front walk to the front door.  At the top of the steps is a wide front porch that is abo…