Garden Shed, Days 4 - 7 where was I?
The walls were up on the Garden Shed, and the inside had been painted and covered to protect it against the elements.  Mr. T had to return to work (which means he had to return to the road...:), so we were on temporary hiatus from construction.

Mr. T adds a trim board at end of Day 4
No more.  He's taking a few more of those "vacation days," so we've been building as fast as our hammers could nail.  After the walls came the workbench (and you thought I was going to say something silly like "the roof," didn't you?) and the interior shelves that form the "attic" and two side storage areas.  Then came the roof trusses and the trim boards (photo, left).  Hey, this instruction book is very specific about the order of things...and we're doing our best to follow their lead.

Garden Shed at end of work-day #5:  roof's on!

Finally, on Day 5, the roof went up and the windows went in.  That was an exciting day for sure, 'cause now the weather could change without our having to be overly concerned about damage to the interior.  As you can see in that photo (right), we even began storing our work supplies and tools worries!

Starting on Day 6, we then took the instructions and divided and conquered:  Mr. T continued to work on the roof, adding the felt over the fiberboards, in preparation for adding the drip-edge and the shingles; and, I started caulking and painting.

You're painting, Patricia?  Really??  If you know me, you know that I am the World's Worst Painter.  No, this isn't false modesty here.  Ask any member of my family...they'll tell you.  She's the Worst of the Worst painters.  Go ahead.  I'll wait.

Told you so. 

I get more paint on me than on any object that I'm supposed to be painting.  And, more paint on the surfaces anywhere near where I'm painting.  It's almost like I never graduated from finger painting in kindergarten.
Patricia paints the trim on back wall of shed - Day 6

But, what I lack in skill I more than make up for in enthusiasm.  And, if you've done the math, you've probably figured out that I'm too short to be much good on the roof-work...even with the scaffold that Mr. T's rigged up.  So, "caulk and paint" for me it is then!

As you can probably tell in that photo (left), the main color of the Shed is a taupe-y shade to match our house-trim called "Quail Ridge."  The shed's trim color, which looks like melted vanilla ice cream, is called "Pebble Shore."  And, the door color?  I think I've already mentioned that it's called "Blooming Wisteria."  Purple by any other name, according to Mr. T.

Blooming Wisteria paint for the doors

I don't want to spoil the big reveal when I finally publish the "finished" photo, so I won't show you a picture of the front of the shed just yet.  I will, however, show you the paint in the pan (right)...just so you won't be too shocked when you do see it.

Ta-da!  Yep, it's purple by any other name, isn't it?

What can I say?  It really looks...well, happy...for the want of any other description.  And, since the shed is fairly-well hidden behind our fence, it really isn't visible to anyone else...except maybe through our next door neighbors' kitchen window.  So we are the only ones who will get to enjoy the Purple Doors.

Mr. T nails shingles on the roof - Day 7

The Bible tells us that God created the heavens and the earth and all therein in six days...and then took a rest day on the seventh.  Amazing!  And, I'm guessing He didn't even have a pictorial instruction booklet either!

For us, the work on the Shed has continued to Day 7, with Mr. T nailing the shingles onto the roof (left).  I took that picture from the kitchen window, which is why you see so much of the tree branch and nothing of the scaffold.

I really can't help much with this work, so I've moved indoors to start checking items off the Thanksgiving To Do List.  Today was "polish silverware," "make cheesecake and pecan pie," and "brine the turkey."  Check, check, and check!

Tomorrow, it's all about the food.  And family.  And football.  And the parade.  And the dogs on the Westminster Kennel Club show!!  Woo hoo!


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