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Snow Day!

They got this one right on the money...SNOW! The weather wonks predicted that we'd get 3-5 inches of the fluffy stuff after midnight last night, and that's just exactly what happened...wonder of all wonders. We went to bed after 11:00, nothing on the ground, nothing falling from the sky. We woke up this morning before 7:00...accumulation all over the place! The dogs are having a ball, playing in the backyard, but as you can see in the photo to the left, Missy M isn't having so much fun.

Even though her company was on a two-hour delay (officially), she got up early to try and dig her car such luck. When she emailed her manager of her plight, she received a reply that the roads were actually worse than they appeared. Looks like she's working from home today.

There seems to be a layer of ice underneath the snow. The City of Louisville doesn't salt or clear the streets in neighborhoods (unlike the service we enjoy in O'Fallon), just the main arteries, so the…

New Moon Wishes and Burying St. Joseph

As the owner of a house that's for sale in "the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression" (to quote the Wall Street Journal), I've been focused on the things we could do to make our property more marketable (read that: BUY THIS HOUSE, BUY THIS HOUSE, BUY THIS HOUSE). You know...things like fresh mulch on all the flowerbeds (check), fresh paint in neutral color (check), fix all known issues like leaks and broken tiles (check check), and update light fixtures in bathrooms and dining room (double-check). We even added new porcelain tile to the hall bath, using the extra tile from the kitchen project. Woo-hoo! Our Realtor assures us that the feedback has been positive for the most part...that our house "shows well" and is "priced right."

OK...add fresh flowers and freshly baked cookies and you'd think we'd be done with our "enhancements." You'd be wrong. There are still things to be done, like making my New Moon wish to s…

I'm Ready for Phase 2, Please

It's Week Three of the Big Spruce-Up on Autumn Grove...and I'm so over it. I am sick...both OF the dust and BECAUSE of the dust. Still, I can now report some progress of note.
The painters got most of the painting done last week, so the main level looks all "brand new." The electrician came today to install the new chandelier in the dining room, along with new light fixtures in the main level bathrooms (see the photo on left of the Master Bath). He also did the math and got the mirrors installed (what's that old adage...measure 47 times, hang mirror in right place once?). The Stanley Steemer guys came this morning and did their thing with the carpet...which looks great, by the way...but the house is now so damp that the dehumidifier in the basement is registering 80% (the highest it will read, I think). The tile guy came to install the kitchen tile (replacement for the damage done recently by the leaking ice maker line)...more on that in a sec. And, last but cert…