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Tempus Fugit, Y'all

I did the math, and I know my calculation is correct: 2014 - 1976 = 38. Can that be right? Seems impossible! 38 years?!? 
Yes, dear readers, we celebrated another anniversary this week...well, actually TWO anniversaries, if you want to get specific. We've been married 38 years, and we've been in this house 5 years. Wow...on both counts!
To honor our 5-year anniversary at Casa 3917, Mr. T took this week off, and we have made a big dent in the never-ending To Do List. The most visible of the accomplishments is our "new" red front door. And when I say red, I mean RED. Check it out:

Whenever we have visited England, I was struck by the glossy shine on most front doors. Gorgeous! I have wanted to recreate that look since my first trip in 1997. Yes, I can be a slow-starter sometimes, but truth-be-told, I simply didn't know how they did it. That was no latex paint there. I read what I could find on the internet, but we don't seem to have many sources for high-gloss, oi…

I ❤️ a Picnic, Part 2

I wasn't kidding in my last post about loving a picnic...or about picnicking on Mother's Day. We did both yesterday, and I loved every minute!

As you can see by the above photo, we enjoyed "Mother's Day at the Garden*" at the Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden near Belmont, NC. I have wanted to go to DSBG for years, since I see their brown 'points of interest' sign on I-85S every time I drive to/from Atlanta. So, I got to check off one of my "Places I Want to Visit" and celebrate in style! 
We got up early...not by necessity, but by practice: with five dogs in residence, we almost always see the sun rise around here. Getting on the road (I-85 South toward Charlotte), we decided to take advantage of another freebie we garnered at the Grasshoppers game last Friday: the so-called Strikeout Victim (AKA: the designated hitter) did just what we wanted him to do...he swung and missed three times while we Hopper fans were yelling "biscuit, biscuit, biscui…

I Love a Picnic

Look at that: just flipped over another month on the calendars. Goodbye April, you with your wild ride of weather. The merrie old month of May has arrived! And we welcome thee!
May usually means the first iris blooms, the first flush of roses, and pollen. Lots and lots of pollen. Ah choo! No disappointment on any of those counts around here. The rain this past week helped wash away the top layer, but everything still has a fine yellow dusting. Allegra-D anyone? 

I took this picture of the purple irises (names unknown) along the front walk (with the last of the flowers on the dogwood in the background), and both the Beverly Sills and the Rock Star iris are in bloom at the mailbox. The heirloom bronze iris (the ones I treasure because my cousin Betty Jean gave us the original rhizomes, years ago) have started to put on a show in the Way Back, and we had our first rose to bloom in the Rose Garden this morning: one of the white 'Susan Ellis-Williams' English shrub roses from David A…