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It Is Good to Garden

I know, I know. I said I'd post an update about my Bell's Palsy this week. Give me another day on that since I have an appointment with Dr. K tomorrow. I don't have a lot to report...and what there is to report isn't very exciting, but at least I'll have the official version if we give it 24 more hours.


Thought you'd like to see a picture of the fruits of our labors. Granted, most all of the labor took place 3 months ago...and the "fruits" are the results of mostly benign neglect in our protracted absence, but it's still amazing that anything survived, don't you think?


We spent time in the Way Back this weekend, both at work and at play. Coffee and bagels in The Rose Garden was such a treat...and could have kept us completely satisfied, except we knew the At Play time was over and the At Work time upon us.

Mr. T tilled up the Cool Season garden area, along with the corn patch, in the heat on Saturday, while I tended th…

Honey, We're Home!

After 96 days, 22 hours, and 13 minutes, Elmo, Duche$$, and I are finally back in HPNC. Altogether now: hooray!

The Welcome Home was all I could have hoped for. Mr. T had made a sign and snipped several rose blooms. We took our Coffee Walk into the Way Back Monday morn, and when I went into the Kitchen Garden, I had to get me a ripe tomato for my first BLT of 2012! Yum!! I've waited nearly 3 months to be able to take that picture!

The trip here was every bit as much fun as you can imagine. I was so nauseated at the beginning that I almost asked Mr. T to turn the car around and return to Missy M's house. We made it to the first rest stop...then to the WV state line...down the Turnpike to VA...through the three rain storms back-to-back-to-back...and when we crossed the NC state line, I knew I could make it. Until I saw that sign for Winston-Salem though, I still had my doubts. Mr. T is a fantastic driver, and the dogs were troopers.

It has taken me a couple of days to recover,…

Bell's Palsy Update - Week 8 Begins

The good news is that I haven't stalled: there is evidence of teeny, tiny mini-steps of progress as the Bell's Palsy slowly, slowly recedes. Bad news? Well, I'm sounding like a broken record here. Yawn.

It's more fun to give you the crop report from HPNC: the cotton bolls are filling out, the peppers are plumping up...and the roses are reblooming! Check out the photos from Mr. T below.

BTW, that's a "Friendship" rose bloom in the picture; it's one of the AARS winners from 1979, and this is its first year in our garden. We purchased three Friendship bushes from Roses Unlimited, along with three Sutter's Gold (AARS winner for 1950) and three Chrysler Imperial (AARS winner for 1953). You can probably figure out where we're going with this combination...:-)

OK, back to the boring Bell's Palsy update...

But wait! I'm not the only one recovering here on Franelm. Missy M went for her check up with her foot doctor on Thursday, and she got a …

Bell's Palsy Update - Week 7 Begins

Before we get to my Bell's report, I wanted to share my exciting (!) Cotton crop report from Guilford County. Seriously, I planted 10-12 heirloom seeds from a variety called Nanking Green that I got at the Seed Exchange at Old Salem back in January. And, now I have 10 beautiful plants growing and thriving at the end of the bean fence in the Kitchen Garden (photo below)! Can you see the pink-edged flowers (top of plant) and the green bolls(center)? Even though picking cotton by hand is one of the hardest jobs on this Earth (yes, I did it once...and only once!), I can hardly wait until I get to pick my own little stand. No, I won't harvest enough to spin, but I'll have enough to share next January...and to plant more next year.

Green cotton, you ask? Yep. And you thought all cotton was white, didn't you? Well, I sure did until I did a bit of research.

Turns out that naturally colored cotton was grown at one time, although it was not found to be as marketable as white cot…