Honey, We're Home!

After 96 days, 22 hours, and 13 minutes, Elmo, Duche$$, and I are finally back in HPNC. Altogether now: hooray!

The Welcome Home was all I could have hoped for. Mr. T had made a sign and snipped several rose blooms. We took our Coffee Walk into the Way Back Monday morn, and when I went into the Kitchen Garden, I had to get me a ripe tomato for my first BLT of 2012! Yum!! I've waited nearly 3 months to be able to take that picture!

The trip here was every bit as much fun as you can imagine. I was so nauseated at the beginning that I almost asked Mr. T to turn the car around and return to Missy M's house. We made it to the first rest stop...then to the WV state line...down the Turnpike to VA...through the three rain storms back-to-back-to-back...and when we crossed the NC state line, I knew I could make it. Until I saw that sign for Winston-Salem though, I still had my doubts. Mr. T is a fantastic driver, and the dogs were troopers.

It has taken me a couple of days to recover, but I wanted to write a short post before the week aged much more. I'm taking it easy, making the transition back to my life with deliberation. I already miss Missy M and her pups, but it was time.

The simple things are the things I've missed the most about my NC life. Coffee Walks in the Way Back with Mr. T (although we have used FaceTime to make up for this). My own bed. Our gardens. Our automatic ice maker.

I discovered that I've forgotten how to use my electric stove...since Missy M cooks with gas. Momma used to tell on herself: when she got her first electric stove, she said she burned everything she cooked for weeks. Totally understand. You can probably tell that bacon in the photo is extra-crispy!

I've also forgotten where the right switch is for the light I want. Granted, the electrician who wired this house was a real jokester...light switches in odd places, etc. But I stood in the bathroom Sunday night, poised to enter our closet, and switched on three lights before I got the correct one. Grrrr.

I have also discovered how much I miss Gus. It really is a different place without him. Ah well...

So we are home...getting accustomed to it again. And trying to get back into our routine again. That may sound dull and boring to some.

To me, it sounds heavenly.

(BTW, I'll post a Bell's Palsy Update next week, and then every two weeks for the duration. No real changes to report...and I'm getting tired of saying the same thing in every post. Ho hum.)


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