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It's Easter...Right?

Check out the photo to the left. What do you see?
Well, what looks a little like something on the lens is actually SNOW falling on Easter Sunday. And, in the lower left, is our very first daffodil blossom of 2008.
Yes, it snowed on Easter here. And then the sun came out and melted the inch or so of accumulation off the deck and bridge. Then, later in the afternoon, the sun went away...and it started to sleet. Then, to hail. And, finally, to snow yet again. Almost an inch of accumulation of "stuff" on the deck...for the second time in the same day. What else can I say? Turn the fire on, please.
At least the wintry weather-mix, along with the NCAA Tournament action, gave me an excellent excuse (like I need one, right?) to spend the weekend knitting. I finished my Sassy Stripes socks (see photo, right) and the Ripple Wave Afghan (which is knit in 8 strips, then joined together) I made for a cousin's wedding ("ah, shouldn't ha' told you tha'" quote Ha…

On March 17th, Everyone is Irish!

We're back...! Yes, we had a wonderful week in Ireland, returning last Wednesday...exhausted after the l-o-n-g flight from Dublin to Chicago and then the 5-hour+ drive home to STL...but ever-so-glad that we'd made the trip. I spent most of yesterday and today printing photos and creating our Photo Book on If you'd like to see it, follow this link to My Page at: BTW, we really like the way that PhotoWorks does the Photo Books...we've had 3 or 4 made there and always liked the results.
The photo of the green beam (above) is from the Guinness Storehouse self-guided tour. Thought it was appropriate for a post on St. Patrick's day. Here's a shot of St. Patrick's Cathedral (right).
Of course, we felt like we had found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow when we returned to NCAA Tournament Selection Sunday...and heard that the Memphis Tigers were the Number 1 seed in the South Region! Go Tigers Go! The games …