It's Easter...Right?

Check out the photo to the left. What do you see?

Well, what looks a little like something on the lens is actually SNOW falling on Easter Sunday. And, in the lower left, is our very first daffodil blossom of 2008.

Yes, it snowed on Easter here. And then the sun came out and melted the inch or so of accumulation off the deck and bridge. Then, later in the afternoon, the sun went away...and it started to sleet. Then, to hail. And, finally, to snow yet again. Almost an inch of accumulation of "stuff" on the deck...for the second time in the same day. What else can I say? Turn the fire on, please.

At least the wintry weather-mix, along with the NCAA Tournament action, gave me an excellent excuse (like I need one, right?) to spend the weekend knitting. I finished my Sassy Stripes socks (see photo, right) and the Ripple Wave Afghan (which is knit in 8 strips, then joined together) I made for a cousin's wedding ("ah, shouldn't ha' told you tha'" quote Hagrid of Harry Potter fame...since it's a gift that hasn't been given, I won't post a photo of it just yet). I really like these socks, which were a simple rib pattern, followed by stockinette stitch (SS).

Simple is all I can manage while watching the Tigers play...because they create way too much action on the screen to allow me the luxury of following any pattern stitch. They gave us a bit of a scare in their victory over the Mississippi State Bulldogs...but they are nonetheless in the Sweet Sixteen. It should be another exciting weekend!


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