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Turn! Turn! Turn! To Everything There's a Season...
I spent a few minutes today, turning over a new leaf or two...or more. Yes, dear readers, time to change those calendars from September to October. I wish I could just rattle off where we've been and what we've been doing for the four weeks since I last posted, but I would probably miss something vital to the story. Since when has that ever stopped me? Ah well, I'll give it my best shot. 
You can definitely tell a change of season moved in with that change of month. Both our days and nights are getting cooler, and that's showing up in the first color changes in the leaves. It's also showing up in the garden, where the remaining warm season crops (tomatoes, peppers, and black-eyed peas) are winding down, while the cool-season veggies (lettuce, carrots, 'English' peas, and various greens like mustard, collards, and turnip) are starting to put on a show. 
Here's a snap of the harvest earlier this week: