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Where has the month gone?

I cannot believe it. The calendar says "October 20" but I'm not sure how it got there so fast. We started the month off with a weekend in Chicago (see photo to right of us in front of the Art Museum), where we met Missy M (who arrived there early for a scheduled training session) to play tourists in the Windy City. Then, I was in ATL for a week for work (and dental work), so I guess that must be why I feel like time went whoosh this month.

In addition to spending more time on business this past month, I've also been spending some more hours in the gym. I noticed in the late summer that I was feeling better...well, stronger, I guess is a better word. My back seems to generate less pain, and I seem to be able to walk longer before my foot and leg start "dragging." (Imagine: Quasimodo). Hmmmmm...something's different, for sure. So, long-story-short...I got myself back to the up to 3 miles on the treadmill, plus a couple of sets on the circuit...and, …

A Brand New Ride

Woo hoo! We're on a roll now. Check out the new ride that followed me home from the dealership last Friday (photo, left, with Nana/Momma/Edith). After eleven years, I said "so long, farewell" to my baby Toyota Corolla...and "welcome home" to a Deep Water Blue Pearl PT Cruiser, which (after much thought) I named "Lillie." (Not making the connection? Well, my grandmother's name was Lillie Pearl...)

N/M/E and I had rented a PT Cruiser for our recent trip to Gatlinburg, and we both truly appreciated the ease of entry and exit, as well as the amazing amount of flexible space created by the hatchback and the foldable/removable rear seating configuration(s). If only the driver's seat had been height-adjustable (it wasn't made for someone 5'2"...:) and cruise control had been included (that was on my list of requirements for any replacement for the Toyota...which didn't have cruise...).

Well, we found out that the Touring version o…