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Master Disaster to Devine Design

It was a dark and stormy night. No was really rather calm and quiet in the wee hours of a Wednesday morning. Anyway. She and her faithful hounds were sound asleep on the king-size bed, lulled into dream-land by the whirring of the fan, for once not fighting for either territory or covers.

Suddenly, they were jarred from peaceful slumber by a wrenching, ripping, cracking sound, followed by a tremendous thump. Then, all was silent.

What the ^%$$ was that?!? Jolted from a deep sleep, I couldn't quite get my bearings at first. Was that sound in a nightmare? Or, did I really hear something? Better investigate. With the faithful and equally befuddled Duchess in tow (Gus was still sound asleep on the bed...never heard a thing...and Mr T was out-of-town, so he didn't hear it either), I first checked the deck to see if a tree had fallen on the house. No, that wasn't it. Then, I tiptoed down Mom's hall to see if she had possibly fallen while getting up in the middle of t…

Finished Objects...In More Ways Than One

Ted E. Bear's showing off the latest knitted Finished Object: a skinny silk scarf in Colinette's Tao colorway "Mardi Gras." The yarn (mentioned in my last post about my trip to Cary, NC) is a gorgeous 100% silk from every color of the rainbow. And, did I mention that there are only 117 metres (not quite 128 yards) in a skein? And, that the shop only had one skein in this colorway?? And, that I could only afford one skein of 100% silk yarn from Wales???

I could see this yarn becoming a skinny that can be worn with all manner of tops. At all times of the year. And, when the shop owner suggested that I use a dropped stitch, garter stitch "pattern" for making the skinny scarf, I thought: problem solved. I'll be wearing this beauty in no time.

Not so fast.

I cast on for a garter stitch scarf and immediately saw a problem. Garter stitch (all knit stitches) create little "bumps" where the stitch loops are formed...very visible, a…

Hitching a Ride

Last Friday, I was scheduled for a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Workshop (for continuing education credits) at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Since this is in Mr. T's NC territory, between a couple of dealerships in Raleigh and Durham, I hitched a ride with him on Thursday...and we made a three-day trip out of the ride. He had to work on Thursday, so he dropped me off in downtown Cary, NC, to let me wander...which I do quite well, if I do say so myself.

I had looked up yarn shops in the area and found one called Shuttles, Needles, and Hooks, in Cary. Although the reviews were a mixed bag, I thought I'd try it out anyway. Hmmmm. We entered the address on Chatham Street in Maggie (the name we've given his Magellan GPS) and, when she finally announced "you have arrived," we were a bit suspicious that she'd goofed. That house that appeared to be being devoured by some kudzu (photo on the left) couldn't possibly be a yarn shop...could it? …

Rascally Rabbit

I really love going out to the garden to see what has ripened since yesterday...what is ready to be picked...what looks like it will be ready in a couple of days. Right now, our tomatoes are starting to turn red, with loads of green ones at about a week to 10 days from being at the STOP PRODUCING FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE stage. So, you can imagine how thrilled I was to see this beautiful baby (left) on the vine this weekend. It is a giant, compared to the first ones I picked last week. As I approached the vine, I could almost taste the juicy flavor...yum, yum, yum. How would I prepare it? Would I slice it for a sandwich? Or, chunk it for a salad?

Then, as I grabbed it to put it in my basket, I felt the juices run down my fingers. Looks like "someone" got there before I did and enjoyed it alfresco. Ewwww! I hope that bunny got his fill because I'm thinking about calling on Farmer MacGregor to help me defend my bounty. Not really, but I can threaten, can't I? What a disapp…