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An Almost-Perfect Thanksgiving

Ah.  The week after a Holiday is always an exercise in returning to normal, isn't it? 

We enjoyed a wonderful seven days "at home" with Missy M and our grand dogs, Ella Rae and Dixie.  We traveled to our favorite family places and did some of our favorite family things.  We ate all the traditional recipes on Turkey Day (photo, left), served in the traditional dishes (Meemaw's turkey platter; Mama Stewart's Haviland gravy bowl and cut-glass relish dish; Nana's cranberry sauce server; and our very own silver and china).  We toasted our good health and happiness with chilled Biltmore Estates Riesling (an new tradition...:).  We postponed dessert until Friday because we were too full from the feast on Thursday.  And, I almost made it through dinner without tears.  Almost.

The turkey had been roasting since early morn, causing the dogs...all 5 of be famished and fussy by mid-afternoon.  So, while we were trying to enjoy a lovely meal at the dining room …

Mountain Memories - Fall, 2011

We're home again...and getting ready for Thanksgiving.  I wanted to take a little break from all the preparations to say "hello," and post an update of our recent adventures.

As I said in my last post, Mr. T has been using up over 3 weeks of vacation days this month - "use 'em or lose 'em."  Of course, if we are in home...near his office, he works anyway.  Taking calls, checking emails, updating information.  Whatever.  He's connected 24/7 and, without some distance between him and his desk, he works.  And, I stew.  Not a great combination.

Hence the reason we hit the road on Wednesday...headed back to the NC Mountains.  I know, I know...we were just there in October.  But I wanted to see the Biltmore all decked out for Christmas and maybe take a side trip on the Blue Ridge Parkway...and we did! 

Going to the Biltmore in the middle of the week was perfect:  the crowds were light and all the folks were unhurried and pleasant.  We also took …

From "Woe" to "Go" in Less Than a Week

What a beautiful morning!  I was up early, mainly because the Houndz are like Arizona and simply refuse to participate in The Changing of The Time.  Food into their bowls...bowls on the 8:00 a.m.  While they were eating, I slipped on a jacket, slipped my phone into the pocket, and slipped out the back door.  I grabbed my walking stix as I headed through the garage and was off on my very first morning walk since the time and the season had changed.  I selected the route that took me down to the lake, and I'm so happy that I did.  Check out that picture I took (left).  Could there be anything more perfect than a day that starts out looking like that?!

Hard to believe, but this time last week, I could hardly move without misery.  My back.  'Nuff said.  Lost almost a week of my life to the pain...and to the fog that the pain-relief pills put me in.  Mr. T was "in town," for which I was ever-so-grateful, as he stepped right into the fray to keep things running …