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Notes on Christmas (Just) Past

Want to listen in on a bit of conversation from our Christmas dinner? The candles were lit, the plates were served, the wine was poured, and the rolls were hot out of the oven. Christmas music, courtesy of Missy M's on-the-spot creation of an iPad playlist, was softly playing in the background. Time for family talk:

Me: So, I wonder...
Mr. T. and Missy M (in unison): HERE!
Me: Well, I guess that settles that!!
OK, so you know how often we have moved, right? Right. Over the years, I just got in the habit of wondering where we would be celebrating the next Christmas. Wondering out loud. At Christmas dinner. And, after the rolling of the eyes would cease, we could chat about it. Now...we just do the shorthand version.

[For the record, I agree...I think we will be living right here at Casa 3917 next Christmas.]

For the record, it was a great Christmas! Cold and sunny on the outside, warm and toasty on the inside. Even with 5 dogs in residence, we had a wonderful holiday. We watched ou…

Christmas Lite

Somehow, I find myself just five days from Christmas Day...and I'm way behind on my blogging. That's the bad news. The good news? I'm pretty much on schedule with just about everything else on my list.
So how's that possible, you ask? Well, part of it list went on a major diet this year. Items dropped off it like pounds do on the Atkins plan. Because of other priorities, I realized we would have to trim more than a Christmas tree or two.
Oh, we managed to get two trees up and decorated: the one in the dining room, which mainly has sheep-themed ornaments (uploaded a pic on last post); and the "main tree" in the great room. Here is a photo of that one:

A few of the Christmas bears are on top of the quilt-covered bookcase behind the main tree. And, we got 10 of the 50+ nutcrackers up and the mantle decorated. See what you think.

The Advent calendar that I made when Missy M was a little girl made it down from the attic, as did the handmade stockings(shown abo…

A Good Week

It's Friday night...and I'm finally sitting still. Unless you count my fingers tapping on this pretend (iPad) keyboard. Nah...don't count that...not a lot of motion there. That's good, cause not a lot of energy left over from this week. Deep breath...forging ahead...highlights include the following:
Missy M left us on Sunday for her long drive back to the 'Ville. But first, she dragged Christmas decorations boxes out of the attic and into the dining room for us. Sweet ❤️! Of course, it has taken me all week to get the Sheep Tree up and the table decorated in the DR (below). Slow but sure...

Monday meant physical therapy for Mr. T. He's transitioning from prescription pain meds to OTC, so that makes the lovely ice-down period following the exercises something to look forward to. Still lots of pain...but he's making lots of progress. Since he's shed the scrips, he'll be cleared for driving once he sheds the sling. It's a process...
Tuesday was the Ma…