Christmas Lite

Somehow, I find myself just five days from Christmas Day...and I'm way behind on my blogging. That's the bad news. The good news? I'm pretty much on schedule with just about everything else on my list.

So how's that possible, you ask? Well, part of it list went on a major diet this year. Items dropped off it like pounds do on the Atkins plan. Because of other priorities, I realized we would have to trim more than a Christmas tree or two.

Oh, we managed to get two trees up and decorated: the one in the dining room, which mainly has sheep-themed ornaments (uploaded a pic on last post); and the "main tree" in the great room. Here is a photo of that one:

A few of the Christmas bears are on top of the quilt-covered bookcase behind the main tree. And, we got 10 of the 50+ nutcrackers up and the mantle decorated. See what you think.

The Advent calendar that I made when Missy M was a little girl made it down from the attic, as did the handmade stockings(shown above). The Christmas china that Daddy gave us made an appearance...well, some of it did...and the Waterford "Twelve Days of Christmas" wine glasses will be put to good use.

All of this is possible because Missy M dragged boxes from the attic when she was here for Thanksgving. She even brought down boxes with some of the outdoor lights, but that's where we had to draw the line.

Beyond a wreath on the front door and a couple of poinsettias in pots on the porch (weather permitting), we are foregoing any outside decorating. No lighted reindeer. No inflatable Santa rising out of his chimney. No "landing lights" outlining the planting areas and sidewalk. No wreaths on the windows. Sorta feels like The Grinch was here. Bah humbug.

And yet...

We may be scaled back this year, but we haven't let the Spirit evaporate. We are welcoming Missy M and the grand-pups on Saturday, and that alone will make the Spirit(s) soar. Then Bro J and SIL J will join us for Lunn Family Christmas on Sunday. Put the seasonal music still lives at our house! 

We have plenty to be joyful about. Mr. T saw his ortho surgeon today and got the OK to return to work on Monday. Since the full recovery period is 4-6 months, he will still have to go to physical therapy for a couple more months. But progress is progress...and it feels good!

So, as the Holidays surround us, we will celebrate with happy hearts. And toast to our good fortune: with so few decorations up, we will be un-decorated in record time! 

Ah...the beauty of Christmas Lite!


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