A Good Week

It's Friday night...and I'm finally sitting still. Unless you count my fingers tapping on this pretend (iPad) keyboard. Nah...don't count that...not a lot of motion there. That's good, cause not a lot of energy left over from this week. Deep breath...forging ahead...highlights include the following:

Missy M left us on Sunday for her long drive back to the 'Ville. But first, she dragged Christmas decorations boxes out of the attic and into the dining room for us. Sweet ❤️! Of course, it has taken me all week to get the Sheep Tree up and the table decorated in the DR (below). Slow but sure...

Monday meant physical therapy for Mr. T. He's transitioning from prescription pain meds to OTC, so that makes the lovely ice-down period following the exercises something to look forward to. Still lots of pain...but he's making lots of progress. Since he's shed the scrips, he'll be cleared for driving once he sheds the sling. It's a process...

Tuesday was the Master Gardener Holiday Pot-luck Party...always a fun night for all. As our contribution to the buffet, I fixed some spicy cocktail sauce to serve with the two bags/4 pounds of shrimp, boiling them in some homemade "Old Bay" seasoning and then chilling them for 6 hours or so. I was asked to do "a dramatic reading" for the program...and took great liberty with what that request meant. I fiddled around with 'The Twelve Days of Christmas'...rewriting the verses to match up with things that are meaningful to Guilford County EMGVs...like, "and a cardinal in a NeighborWoods tree."

Wednesday found us at High Point University. First, we attended the candlelight Lessons and Carols service at the Hayworth Chapel...both meaningful and beautiful. After the recessional, we gathered next to the huge outdoor Christmas tree for hot chocolate and cookies.

Then, we headed to the Hayworth Fine Arts Center for the Holiday Pops concert by the North Carolina Symphony. We even got to sing-a-long with the orchestra on several seasonal songs. Fabulous! This photo (below) was snapped by a helpful student, as we strolled along the decorated promenade.

Thursday took us back to PT...and me to the library, which is just down the street. A great place to wait. Again, Mr. T had a good session. He is definitely benefiting from his daily at-home exercises, which he does without reminders. That's a good thing because he's having to take the pups out into the Way Back at least a couple of times a day to work off all that puppy energy. Here are some play-play-play shots:

Before we knew it, Friday rolled around and found us focusing on our finances...specifically on our 401k accounts. I read recently that, as retirement approaches, couples should have quarterly "Financial Checkup Meetings," in order to be better prepared. So, we made a date for lunch at Panera, packed up the iPads and the 401k statement binder, and gave it our best effort. Covered a lot of ground...learned a lot, most importantly: hold our next quarterly meeting in a quieter location...😋

And that finds us at the end of a busy week...trying to catch our collective breath. Oh, sure...it's been busy, but the main reason we are "panting" is probably because (unlike the rest of the country) it is so HOT here: 76 on December 6th...whew! I took this shot (below) tonight at 6:30.

OK, that's the update from HPNC. We'll rest up over the weekend and be ready to roll again come Monday morning. And maybe, just maybe, we can find some time to get the other tree and the rest of the decorations up.

Come to think of it...what did Father Tim and Uncle Billy always say in Jan Karon's Mitford series novels? "There's no rest for the wicked...and the righteous don't need none!"


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