Slowly* But Surely

As Maggie, our GPS-controlled voice would say "we have arrived!" 
Of course, once the moving vans left, the next Big Job on the To Do List bubbled up: unpacking. Sure it's tough, but there is no time limit on this one. Missy M asked "are you setting yourself goals, like 'unpack 10 boxes every day'?" are retired**, dear, so our schedule is our own.
The only real "goal" I have is to make this house feel like our home as quickly as possible. That, and to get out of the "moving mode" into the "settling in mode" by getting our things in place in the new place. Every time we have moved (19 times in 41+ years!), I am reminded of a quote from my favorite John Wayne movie, "The Quiet Man"...said by the marvelous actress Maureen O'Hara in character as Irish lass, Mary Kate Danaher: "Ever since I was a little girl, I dreamed of having my own things about me. My spinnet over there, and a table here, and my…

Along Came Irma

More than once, I have described this downsizing-retirement slo-mo-relo move from NC to GA using the analogy of a roller coaster ride (comparable to the Zippin' Pippin*!). As of today, nothing about that analogy has changed. Ahem.

(Still laughing about this Tweet!)
The good news: we got our stuff all moved in 8/31 (in spite of a prolonged visit by Tropical Storm Harvey, who had been wreaking havoc in Texas). Boxes, boxes everywhere. Lotsa boxes. 

We had planned to get Casa 303 all ready for Mr. T to take the dogs with him and stay in the Loganville house while Missy M and I traveled today-Sunday to Walt Disney World (her birthday gift to me!). And we've made great strides toward that goal with our unpacking and setting up: the electricians came and finished the fan installs; the kitchen is now open for business; the beds are set up, the bedding and towels boxes have been located and opened; and the washer and dryer have been hooked up and are operational. All ready, right?
And the…

Rounding Third, Heading for Home

This week has FINALLY arrived! One could say we have been waiting for it for five long months, since we closed on our NC house on March 31st and moved in with Missy M. One could also say that we have been waiting for two years, since we decided that we would downsize and relocate after we retired. One would probably be correct on both counts. Either way, in baseball terms, we are rounding third base and heading for home!

So, how did this week begin? Well, we are celebrating the first full week of our newest family member, Logan. We adopted him from the Walton County Animal Control, where he had been owner-surrendered because he was "to(o) hyper." We were told that he was "around 5 months old and weighed about 30 pounds," and the guess was made about his parentage: possibly Dalmatian? 

Wrong times three as it turns out. I took him for his first vet visit this morning, and when we got him on the scales, he weighed 25 pounds (and trust me, he hasn't missed a meal …

Making Progress

As I write this progress report post, I am sitting on our new sofa which is sitting on our new floor in our new (to us!) GA home. Granted, we haven't crossed the Finish Line of this move just yet, but we are indeed coming out of the Backstretch and are headed into the Far Turn of this interminable, slow-mo relo race. And because things are indeed progressing, we brought Winston and Ella Rae along to help them get accustomed to the new digs.

Winston: "Can we go to the new house? Hunh, hunh, hunh?"
Are you ready for this? The German Shepherd who lives behind us...see his legs on the other side of this hole in our fence? also a rescue named Winston! How unlikely is that?! Let's hope the two Winstons eventually come to a mutual understanding over the ownership of the fence. Ahem.

It hasn't all been projects that have progressed. Mr. T took delivery of our new sofa and ottoman this past week. This sofa is replacing one we have had since our previous move to Georg…

Nailing Jello to a Wall

Well,'s Wednesday! So, what's on tap for today? Let's see: Mr. T is at Casa 303, finishing up a cup of coffee on the covered porch. Here's his view looking out our back door (yes, it was another rainy night in Georgia):

Me? I'm RICE (rest, ice, compress, elevate)-ing my right foot at Casa 2244. Sigh. Only 3 weeks to go (you do realize that when the doctor said 4-6 weeks that I only heard the "4," right?). Wish I could report a miraculous recovery had happened, but no such luck. Still hurts. Dealing with it.
So, a division of labor has occurred based on current abilities: Mr. T (who can drive, lift, and carry) has inherited all the hard jobs. And me (who can sit, type, and talk)? I have inherited the Command Center. For instance...need new light bars for the bathrooms or some such? I place the order online and then track them down when they haven't arrived as promised (sigh); Mr T picks them up or makes sure he's at the house when the ite…

Four Months Down the Road

Hard as it is for me to believe, we arrived in Georgia four months ago. Or 17 weeks and 3 days, if you want to be more precise. Or 9 bars of Dove soap...but who's counting, right?

In the good news column, you could count the blooming of one of this year's daylily purchases called Bibbity-Bobbity-Boo. It makes us feel like things stand a high possibility of eventually returning to Normal. Eventually. 

And, I took time out of working on the house today to attend my first meeting of the Walton County Master Gardener volunteers in Monroe, GA. I had applied when it looked like we were going to be moving to Loganville (eventually!) and received word in mid-July that I had cleared the background checks (required of anyone working with children) and my application had been approved. I have missed this part of my life (which was put on hold last year while we were going through the throes of moving from NC), so it was a special day indeed. I will be limited in the number of volunteer hou…

And So It Begins

Work is the best antidote to sorrow, my dear Watson." -- Arthur Conan Doyle, The Return of Sherlock Holmes
How true. Although we have felt broken and wounded by Abbie's sudden passing, we now (as of last Friday at 4:00) have a house to get into shape...and that requires work. A lot of work, it would seem. And all before we actually move in and begin the job of getting settled.

We want to get as much of the updating done before we move our furniture in, just because it will be easier in the long run not to have to move things around. Keeping that in mind, and keeping in mind that every day our stuff stays in storage, it costs that could better be used on updating projects...we forge ahead.
And what exactly are we talking about here? The list, which is subject to change on a daily basis, is as follows:
1. Install new appliances - Our "new" house came with the original 15-year-old appliances...well, except there was no refrigerator. We knew the microwave had…